PSR-SPP- 24DC/FSP/1X1/1X2 - Coupling relay

Safe coupling relay for SIL 3 high- and low-demand applications, couples digital output signals to the periphery, one enabling current path, one signal contact, module for safe state off applications, test pulse filter, fuse, plug-in Push-in connection, width: 17.5 mm

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Product details

Your advantages

Narrow 17.5 mm housing
Up to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508
With built-in, replaceable fuse in the enabling current path
Easy proof test according to IEC 61508 thanks to integrated signal contact
Long service life thanks to filtering of controller test pulses
Force-guided contacts in accordance with EN 50205
1 enabling current path
Couples digital output signals from failsafe controllers to I/O devices (valves, etc.) for electrical isolation and power adaptation