Cables by the meter

Cables by the meter for copper and FO applications

Thanks to the wide range of cable types of our cables sold by the meter, various applications can be implemented. Design your cabling in accordance with your specific requirements: In conjunction with connectors designed for assembly and distributors from Phoenix Contact, custom cable lengths can also be produced easily.

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Your advantages

  • Flexible ordering – even short cable lengths are available
  • Easy unwinding with cable reels for very long cables
  • Varied range with the right cable for every application
Two different colored cables wound in a ring shape

Copper cables by the meter

Copper cables from Phoenix Contact are available with various numbers of positions and cross-sections in custom lengths between 0.2 and 1,000 m.

  • Halogen-free PUR cable type
  • PUR/PVC cable type
  • PVC cable type
  • PUR POWER cable type

With our connectors for assembly, you can flexibly adapt the cable length to your requirements.

Two different colored FO cables wound in a ring shape

FO cables by the meter

Phoenix Contact cable and connection systems offer solutions for various fields of application such as industrial automation, data centers, or building cabling.

  • Polymer optical fiber (POF) up to a maximum of 100 Mbps
  • Polymer-clad fiber (PCF) up to a maximum of 1 Gbps
  • Glass optical fiber (GOF) multimode up to 10 Gbps
  • Glass optical fiber (GOF) singlemode up to 40 Gbps