Industrial wireless technology in mining

Industrial wireless technology in the mining industry Communicate with remote locations

Signals and information from remote parts of a mining facility are often difficult to capture at short notice. Wireless systems allow you to easily and efficiently negotiate the many challenges faced in an industrial communication infrastructure. Industrial wireless systems from Phoenix Contact provide reliability and security for the transmission of data and signals.

Products for industrial wireless technology



The transmission system for large systems and networks with up to 250 stations. Versatile in application, thanks to the transmission of I/O signals and serial data. Furthermore, you can create different network structures: from point-to-point connections through to mesh networks. Assign inputs and outputs quickly by simply turning the thumbwheel.

Cellular router

Remote control

Our cellular routers enable high-speed data connections over 4G LTE networks running at up to 150 Mbps, creating a mobile broadband connection for highly flexible site networking. One advantage is the wide temperature range, which enables use in infrastructure applications in harsh and demanding environments.

Wireless I/O

Wireless I/O

The wireless multiplexer transmits 16 digital and two analog signals bidirectionally, which means it can replace a 40-wire signal cable. Also, the connection is monitored continuously. In the event of faulty or interrupted connections, the outputs are reset to the predefined LOW state. This is indicated by a diagnostic LED.

Diagram illustrating the proprietary Trusted Wireless technology

Long distances are covered easily and efficiently

Phoenix Contact specifically developed the proprietary Trusted Wireless technology for industrial applications. It is particularly well suited to the wireless transmission of sensor and actuator signals. This ensures that you have reliable communication over several kilometers. Thanks to meshed transmission technology, a path is always available for communication.