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Structural monitoring on rotor blades Reliable operation of your wind turbine generator

Modern wind turbine generators are monitored by countless sensors. The rotor blades in particular are being equipped with an ever-increasing number of sensors. The regular operation of the wind turbine generator is monitored and optimized, and damage is also detected at an early stage. Repairs and maintenance can thus be planned more easily. Structural monitoring is an essential part of this sensor technology. It is used to continuously observe how the structure of the rotor blades changes during operation.


The rotor blades of a wind turbine generator are exposed to extreme dynamic loads. As a result, minor damage occurs time and again, which in extreme cases can lead to the complete destruction of the rotor blade or even the entire wind turbine generator. With an early detection system, this damage can be repaired easily on site, preventing wind turbine generator failures. This damage detection system requires reliable structural monitoring of the rotor blade.

SH-M sensor

SH-M sensor for structural monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring (SH-M) The solution for structural monitoring

Structural health monitoring is a monitoring system for continuously monitoring the structural integrity of rotor blades on wind turbine generators. The system learns independently in a teach-in phase how the rotor blades behave in the normal condition. This allows abnormalities to be detected at an early stage and then examined more closely. The system has an alarm system that has been tried and tested for years and informs the system operator when action is required. This avoids major repairs as well as consequential damage.

Only one sensor is needed per rotor blade to record the data necessary for structural monitoring. The sensor, which is optimized for use in wind turbine generators, measures acceleration in two axes and also the temperature. This data is used to evaluate the structural integrity of the blade. Damage can thus be detected at an early stage.

New installation or retrofit:
The sensor for the SH-M is installed in the first third of the rotor blade. Therefore, the structural monitoring system is not just suitable for equipping new systems. The SH-M can also be installed as a retrofit solution in existing wind turbine generators. After a teach-in phase, these wind turbine generators also benefit from the advantages of modern structural monitoring.

Your advantages

  • Increased safety of the wind turbine by preventing damage directly on the rotor blade
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid damage and predictable repairs with early warnings
  • Cost reduction by avoiding longer downtimes of the wind turbine generator
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