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Intelligent environmental management Solution for smart environmental monitoring

An intact environment includes good quality water, soil, and air, but also low noise levels. Particularly in cities and metropolitan areas, environmental conditions must be constantly monitored, analyzed, and optimized.

The collection and use of environmental data is of great importance in the context of intelligent environmental management. With Environmental IoT solutions from Phoenix Contact, you can realize the monitoring of environmental data via the Internet of Things.

Environmental monitoring with IoT

As cities and regions grow, so does the need for sustainable environmental management. Measures such as the efficient management of parks and green spaces and the targeted drainage of compensation areas are important for protecting the environment and enhancing the quality of life in cities.

The data on water quality, CO2 in the air, soil moisture, right through to different climate parameters can be collected by sensors in the Internet of Things. Processed by state-of-the-art information systems, they provide conclusions on how the environment is changing.

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Environmental IoT solution Solution for easy collection of environmental data

Phoenix Contact has developed a system for intelligent environmental monitoring for proactively addressing current issues such as climate change and fine dust pollution in cities and municipalities.

The Environmental IoT System collects environmental data using appropriate sensor technology. Via our controllers, based on the open ecosystem PLCnext Technology, the data is linked, aggregated, and then transferred to urban data platforms via a communication network.

The environmental information visualized by the intelligent system provides urban and landscape planners with important decision-making tools. Costs for services and processes are significantly reduced, for example through watering plants and green areas based on need.

In addition to numerous areas of application in sustainable environmental management, the system can also provide the data basis for severe weather or flood warnings.

Transparency of environmental data

In the context of perceptible environmental problems, the Environmental IoT system provides the factual basis for appropriate complaint handling. For example, environmental data portals provide citizens with information, such as noise within the city, on their smartphones. Transparent information sharing means that discussions are no longer based on a selective measurement or personal perceptions.

Your advantages

  • Derivation of effective measures for the sustainable protection of the environment
  • Respond to hazardous situations such as storms or floods at an early stage
  • Raising awareness on environmental issues through transparent environmental knowledge
  • Reduce costs for services and processes through needs-based optimization

Intelligent environmental management with the Smart City Box

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