Employee marking wires and cables with the THERMOMARK E.WIRE

Greater efficiency in control cabinet building WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH uses the THERMOMARK E SERIES

WITRON is one of the global market leaders in the planning, realization, servicing, and operation of highly dynamic mechanized logistics and order picking systems. Ever-increasing automation in distribution centers therefore plays a central role for the company. Single-core wire identification in the control cabinet, which is required in part by standards or by customers, involves additional effort for WITRON in control cabinet building. To minimize this, Phoenix Contact offers an efficient marking solution in the form of the THERMOMARK E.WIRE.


WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH

The company WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH

In its more than 50-year history, the WITRON Group has established itself nationally and internationally as a major player in the automated intralogistics industry. Customers from the food retail sector in particular rely on the extensive expertise of this lifetime partner for logistics. Around 6,100 employees work day in and day out to help customers further optimize their logistics processes with the aid of innovative, end-to-end solutions. The headquarters in Parkstein, Bavaria, house modern production facilities for the manufacture of highly dynamic conveyor technology elements and control cabinets.

Control cabinet from WITRON Logistik + Information GmbH

Control cabinet building at WITRON Logistik + Information GmbH

The customer requirements

In control cabinet production, assembled mounting panels are supplied and preassembled cables are provided. Until now, markings were created centrally in a marking cell and then separated and applied by hand. However, manufacturing projects in which single-core wire marking is required by the customer or by standards involve considerable additional effort for WITRON when conventional processes are used. The increasing requirements as well as the additional demands in control cabinet building therefore call for an efficient identification solution.

The products

THERMOMARK E SERIES modular marking system

THERMOMARK E SERIES modular marking system

THERMOMARK E SERIES Automated identification

The THERMOMARK E SERIES is a modular marking system for automated cable and terminal identification. The system consists of a powerful thermal transfer roll printer and one of four applicators for various identification solutions. The THERMOMARK E SERIES is the first solution to combine the printing and applying of markings in a single process step and thus offers significant efficiency gains.

THERMOMARK E.WIRE for automated wire and cable identification

THERMOMARK E.WIRE: automated wire and cable identification

THERMOMARK E.WIRE Variable wire and cable identification

The THERMOMARK E.300 printer used by WITRON, in combination with the THERMOMARK E.WIRE applicator, processes E-WM... multi-layer continuous material for wire and cable identification. The applicator prints and applies radially and axially movable cable markers in one step. As the material is marked on three sides, the marking solution is clearly visible once installed. The marker is applied by means of a heat-sealed joint, which ensures that the marker remains captive.

Marked control cabinet components on a mounting panel

Efficiently marked E-WM... wire and cable marking material

The identification solution

The 0.75 to 6 mm² conductor cross-sections used by WITRON are marked with the E-WM... material without changing the marking foil. The applicator supports this feature through automatic diameter detection. The THERMOMARK E.WIRE measures the diameter of the wire and applies the marked marker precisely based on the wire diameter. The flexible and robust marking foil adapts to the curvature of the wire and is thus accessible even in tight installation spaces.

Employee explaining the marking software on screen

The marking systems are controlled via the software application used by WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH

The THERMOMARK E SERIES also sets new standards in terms of data consistency. Application-specific data exports from common CAE systems ensure automatic and time-saving data processing. As part of its manufacturing control system, WITRON uses a software application developed in-house, into which the THERMOMARK E SERIES devices are integrated. The printers are connected via WLAN, allowing print jobs to be started and monitored flexibly. When the print job is sent, supporting data is also transferred and provided on the printer display. This intuitively guides employees through the entire identification process.

Employee marking wires and cables in the workplace with the THERMOMARK E.WIRE

Efficient wire and cable identification in control cabinet building

Increased efficiency with the THERMOMARK E SERIES

Growing demands due to increasing automation make the use of the THERMOMARK E SERIES a key element in efficient control cabinet building. Automated identification with the THERMOMARK E.WIRE enables WITRON to save a significant amount of time. In addition, the decentralized use of the marking system directly at the wiring location makes it possible to respond flexibly to changes. Furthermore, the printing system produces markers of consistently high quality and improves ergonomics in the workplace. For WITRON, using the THERMOMARK E SERIES is a further step towards consistent automation and more effective production.