Floating board-to-board connectors

Image of a FINEPITCH board-to-board connector showing the high tolerance compensation or + or -0.7 mm in the x and y direction.

FS 0.635 improves tolerance compensation

Middletown, Pa. – The space-saving board-to-board connectors in Phoenix Contact’s FS 0.635 series enable mezzanine PCB arrangements with high-speed data transmission rates up to 30 Gbps. The floating system features a tolerance compensation of up to 0.7 mm in the “x” and “y” directions, as well as 0.6 mm in the “z” direction.

This flexibility within the board-to-board connection minimizes mechanical strain and provides a reliable connection. These properties are particularly important in environments with high vibration, when using several board-to-board connectors side by side, or for automatic insertion using robots.

The combination of floating and high speed is unique on the market: Due to the curved contact, the floating version achieves a data transmission rate of up to 40 Gbps, compared to the rigid version, which supports up to 30 Gbps.

As an additional service, Phoenix Contact offers design-in support with high-speed simulations and S-parameters. The floating female connector strip is combined with a fixed, rigid male connector strip. Because of the floating principle, the FS 0.635 series can achieve stack heights between 8 and 12.6 mm. As a standard rigid board-to-board connection, it can realize stack heights between 6 and 16.6 mm. The entire series is available now in 20, 40, 60, and 80 positions.

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