Configurable cables and lines

Configurators for cables and lines Create your individual cable assemblies

Configure your cable connection for signal, data, and power transmission in IP6x environments or for control cabinet applications. Freely selectable cable lengths and cable ends enable customized cable assemblies.

Configurable copper-based data cables

Copper-based data cables

Complex automation processes call for high volumes of data at ever-increasing transmission speeds. Benefit from our portfolio of SPE, HDMI, USB, coaxial, M12, and RJ45 solutions.

Configurable FO-based data cables

FO-based data cables

Configure FO-based data cables in lengths ranging from 0.5 to 1,000 meters: with free cable end, with male or female connector. Choose between FSMA, LC, LC duplex, M17, ODC, push-pull version 14, Q-ODC, Q-ODC-12, SC duplex, and SC-RJ. Various numbers of positions and fiber types are possible.

Configurable assembled PCB connectors

Assembled PCB connectors

Would you like to connect PCBs to one another? – Select the appropriate PCB connectors quickly and easily from our configurator. The portfolio of connectors ranges from COMBICON right through to SKEDD. With different cable types, cable lengths, and cable cross-sections, you can further customize applications.

Configurable M12 cables for power transmission

M12 cables for power transmission

Device connection technology must be high-performance, compact, and flexible. Our innovative M12 power cabling offers maximum power in an extremely compact size. Supply motors and devices in the field with up to 16 A or up to 690 V depending on the design. Select cables with S-, K-, and M-coding for AC applications or T- and L-coding for DC applications.

Configurable sensor/actuator cables

Sensor/actuator cables

Safeguard the operation of your systems: with a complete range of products and solutions for the connection of sensors and actuators. Whether for standard applications or cabling in demanding industries and special applications, choose from circular connectors M8, M12, DEUTSCH, valve connectors A, AD, B, BI C, CI, and Superseal, as well as a wide range of wire qualities.