Communicative 24 V supply system

The system that knows more.

Protect and supply – but intelligently: Benefit from more data transparency and thus higher system availability with our communicative 24 V supply system.

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Communicative 24 V supply system

Data transparency for superior system availability

Data is the new gold. In industries where high system availability is required, knowledge of the system and operating states is essential. Based on operating data, critical operating states and anomalies can be detected, localized, and remedied at an early stage – before costly production downtimes occur.

The new, communicative 24 V supply system knows your plant better than you do: The intelligent solution increases the data transparency of the entire plant and provides information on all relevant operating and diagnostic data. With preventive function monitoring, you thus reduce downtime to a minimum.

The modular solution consists of the new QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link, the CAPAROC circuit breaker system and the intelligent QUINT DC UPS.

Interactive image map: Communicative 24 V supply system
CAPAROC electronic circuit breaker system
Configurable device protection with intuitive operation and simple design-in.
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CAPAROC electronic circuit breaker system
QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link
Powerful power supply for reliable 24 V supply.
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QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link
QUINT uninterruptible power supply
The QUINT DC UPS supplies your application reliably, even if the supply network is not available.
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QUINT uninterruptible power supply

Your advantages

  • Simple and cost-effective network integration
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • A central interface for the 24 V supply system
  • Downtimes are reduced to a minimum
QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link on the DIN rail


QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link

The new communicative QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link delivers simple and cost-effective network integration. With the integrated IO-Link interface, all the relevant operating data of the power supply is made available in the higher-level automation system, thereby raising preventive function monitoring to a completely new level.

Moreover, the power supply enables configuration via IO-Link. Direct adoption of the configuration after a device replacement saves time and avoids user errors.

Data transparency display with numbers

More data transparency with QUINT POWER

Maximum system transparency Comprehensive condition monitoring for high system availability

QUINT POWER with IO-Link provides complete data consistency from the 400 V AC side right through to the 24 V DC side. Errors can therefore be detected in good time, localized, and corrected.

  • Digital rating plate: Clear identification of the device in the plant.
  • Input data: Initial indication of the grid quality and detection of phase failures.
  • Output data: Current and voltage monitoring and anomaly detection.
  • Operating data: Complete status monitoring including remaining service life indication for predictive maintenance.
  • Events: Fast detection and localization of critical system states.
  • Data logging: Analysis and permanent optimization of the entire plant.
3D product view
Experience all details in 3D
Take a look at the QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link in the greatest level of detail. The product can be viewed freely from all angles using the zoom and rotate functions.
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QUINT POWER with IO-Link 3D product view
QUINT POWER power supply and CAPAROC circuit breaker system

QUINT POWER power supply and CAPAROC circuit breaker system

Power supply and circuit breaker system The intelligent solution for a fused 24 V supply system

Combine the QUINT POWER power supply with the CAPAROC circuit breaker system and benefit from the advantages of system integration. A central interface for QUINT POWER and CAPAROC enables simple and cost-effective integration of the power supply into the network protocol of the circuit breaker system:

  • The PROFINET interface enables complete transparency and access to the overall system.
  • A web server allows on-site access to operating states, error messages, and setting details of the system solution.

The supply solution provides complete data consistency from the primary side to the fused load circuits.

Uninterruptible power supply solution

Uninterruptible power supply solution

Power supply and UPS The intelligent solution for an uninterruptible 24 V supply system.

Combine the QUINT POWER power supply with the intelligent QUINT DC UPS to create an uninterruptible 24 V supply system that provides all data from the power supply right through to the battery.

  • The QUINT DC UPS features interfaces and protocols for different industrial networks.
  • The appropriate software packages are included for the engineering environments PLCnext, TIA Portal, Studio 5000, and TwinCAT.
  • The POWER MANAGEMENT SUITE software can be used for function monitoring and for configuring the entire system.

Product video

Video: Communicative 24 V supply system
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