Product data for your engineering process Items with consistent digital descriptions provide the basis for efficient engineering and optimized processes in control cabinet building. Phoenix Contact offers you extensive product data for a wide range of engineering systems and exchange formats.

Person comparing product samples with a digital image of the product in the clipx ENGINEER engineering software

Product data for your CAE system

You will find Phoenix Contact product data in the respective portals and databases of the CAE systems. Integrate this data quickly and easily into your engineering system to make your planning processes in control cabinet building more efficient.

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Phoenix Contact product data is available for download from the AmpereSoft material database.

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Create engineering data for the Engineering Base easily using the following link.

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Is AutoCAD your primary tool in engineering?
If so, you will find the appropriate Phoenix Contact product data in the AutoCAD Electrical Toolset database.

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You will find the product data for your control cabinet planning in EPLAN using the EPLAN P8 file generator or in the EPLAN Data Portal.

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ETAP (formerly IGE+XAO)

Phoenix Contact product data (including intelligent 3D models) for SEE Electrical, SEE Electrical Expert, and SEE Electrical 3D Panel+ are available for download from the SEE Web Catalogue.

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You will find Phoenix Contact product data for the NX Electrical Designer in the Part Community.

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The ECAD data library provides extensive Phoenix Contact product data for your planning in WSCAD ELECTRIX.

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Do you need product data for the ZUKEN ECAD system? It is available to you in the ZUKEN Component Cloud.