Building automation Digitalization must serve people’s needs. Especially right where they live and work. That’s why we network buildings and trades directly with their individual requirements. How is this possible? Data. Data. Data. It is the foundation for this interaction. Using data, we automate progress and unleash the potential of smart buildings, where we live more comfortably and work more efficiently. That’s how we achieve the intelligent interaction of people and buildings.

People and applications in a smart building

Digital transformation requires adaptable buildings that already consider future needs. The key to this is smart networking and comprehensive building automation.

Bernhard Tillmans - Phoenix Contact, Global Industry Manager
Bernhard Tillmanns – Phoenix Contact
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Intelligent networking of all trades thanks to comprehensive building automation

Building Intelligence

Smart buildings are becoming more and more connected. So it is all the more important that you have a partner with a holistic approach – from field level and building automation to building management and operation.
Whether you’re an electrician, system integrator, planner, architect, or real estate developer, it is only through the cooperation of all those involved that it is possible to construct and operate efficient, intelligent, and sustainable buildings. That’s why we bring together what belongs together: comprehensive building automation and a smart BIoT framework where everything comes together. Automation, energy monitoring, data acquisition, and secure connectivity of systems, plants, and components. What do you get out of it? Basically, lower operating costs and higher user comfort.

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Integral building planning as the foundation of a smart building

The foundation of every smart building: Integral building planning

For anyone who wants to build smart buildings, integral planning is essential from the outset. After all, greater building efficiency is only ultimately achieved through comprehensive networking of the entire infrastructure. To do this, a clear focus must be placed on the smooth interaction of all trades even before the planning stage. The result: sustainable and energy-efficient building operation as well as individual and demand-oriented user concepts. Good for you – and the environment.

Building technology system integrator in front of a control cabinet

Intelligent networking of technical building utilities

Intelligent automation for today, tomorrow, and beyond

Technology should follow you, not the other way around. That’s why our BIoT framework enables the smooth integration of the entire technical building utilities – including third-party systems on this platform. Because if the future is open, all interfaces must be too. Our platform is therefore not only efficient and secure, but also supports flexible modular expansion. This results in buildings that evolve together with you.

Your advantages at a glance Digitalized buildings increase user satisfaction and productivity

  • Comprehensive automation made easy:
    An open and flexible platform for all applications and processes

  • Save costs and unlock potential:
    Control, evaluate, and process all the data for the individual subtrades where this is needed

  • Protect long-term investments:
    Can be updated and upgraded at any time during operation and easily extended through modular expansion

  • Increase energy efficiency:
    Reducing CO2 emissions with the aim of CO2 neutrality

  • Increase market appeal:
    Higher user comfort, lower operating costs

Shaping digital transformation together
Smart, digital, and future-oriented
For buildings to be operated in an efficient and future-proof way, comprehensive and intelligent networking is required. In our e-paper, we show you how to do just that through the digitalization of building automation.
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Smart buildings in a city

Everything for your smart building from a single source

You want a smart building? Then you need a partner with a holistic approach – from field level to communication and overall management. Designed once and always up to date. With over 60,000 products, that’s exactly what we offer – just get in touch with us.

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Experience building IoT solutions virtually now! Experience our smart building

Discover the Phoenix Contact Industry Solution Center in Bad Pyrmont in a 360° panoramic tour. Move virtually through the building and get an impression of the possibilities of our IoT-based building management.

Building automation with Phoenix Contact

The term building automation, BA for short, includes all equipment that is used for the control, closed-loop control, and monitoring of complex building technology systems as well as the acquisition of operating data.

We are your partner for this. Our objective: Everything is networked together. However, this is only possible if we move away from the classic structures of building automation. We are no longer just talking about field, automation, and management levels, but about the integration of all trades. And all this over the entire lifecycle of a building. These days building automation means integrally networked buildings, sustainable and efficient building operation, and a high feel-good factor for the people who live and work in these buildings. Our products, solutions, and experts are here to help you achieve this.