HMI panels and industrial PCs

HMI panels and industrial PCs

Operating machines and monitoring system states with failsafe HMI panels and industrial PCs – our portfolio provides scalability for the operating concept in your automation solution. Control and networking tasks can be resolved with the maintenance-friendly industrial computers. Here, our visualization software supports the illustration of and rapid intervention in machine processes.

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  • Future-proof investment in high-quality hardware with state-of-the-art technology
  • Fast startup with preconfigured HMI devices
  • Tailor-made solutions with freely scalable and open industrial PCs

Scalability of hardware and software

Scalable hardware and software for HMI panels and industrial PCs

HMI panels

Human Machine Interfaces are user interfaces that ensure optimum communication between humans and machines. In some circumstances, they allow the operator to not only operate the machine, but also to monitor system states and intervene in the process. Our industrial-grade touch panels provide cost-effective automation based on efficient input and monitoring. Preconfigured control panels with preinstalled software and drivers for flexible connection to various control systems ensure maximum user-friendliness. We offer HMI panels for WebVisit or Visu+ software, or for HTML5 applications.

Industrial PCs

Whether as a user interface or the central controller for the system, industrial computers are absolutely vital in industrial applications. They combine the computing power of modern processors with the robustness and reliability of industrial components.
Our portfolio of industrial PCs ranges from powerful box PCs and panel PCs through tablet PCs to IPCs for very special industrial requirements (ATEX/IECEx), and offers flexible mounting options for devices in the field and for machine-oriented monitoring. Benefit from the advantages of a robust, configurable solution for the recording and processing, measurement, control, and visualization of your data and processes in almost all industrial applications.

Software for visualization

Whether in the central control room, in production, or directly on the machine, efficient automation requires the right visualization. Whatever your visualization task, we offer the right software. Benefit from our extensive portfolio covering all aspects of operation and monitoring.

WebVisit: free entry-level visualization tool with corresponding browser on the WPxx touch panel. Benefit from a coordinated system with visualization, controller, and panel from Phoenix Contact.

Visu+: powerful visualization software for complex visualization tasks and comprehensive SCADA functions for connection to all well-known controller manufacturers. A free version with comprehensive visualization tools is available in the form of the Visu+ Express software.

HTML5: HMI panels with integrated embedded browser in kiosk/full-screen mode with optimum HTML5 support facilitate operation and monitoring options for the high-performance display of web-based content.

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Special industrial requirements

Rugged HMI panels and industrial PCs are designed to endure various weather conditions, with IP67-protected front, displays that can be read in direct sunlight, and extended temperature ranges. They are also used in places where they are exposed to extreme environmental influences and stress.
All control panels for use in maritime applications and our IPCs for potentially explosive areas also have all the important certifications. They ensure user-friendly and reliable operation, monitoring, and control of systems, even under hash ambient conditions.