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Digital Factory Efficient and sustainable production processes intelligently implemented

The digitalization of your production system will bring significant added value, but an important asset is required: data from your machines and systems. Consumption data forms the basis for reducing carbon emissions in production processes. In contrast, higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be achieved with transparent process data and the relevant optimization potential.

This notwithstanding, digitalization opportunities also increase the risk of unauthorized access, making a holistic cybersecurity concept extremely significant for any efforts toward a net zero factory.

With the help of our Digital Factory solutions and the expertise of our teams, we have been able to implement numerous optimizations along the process steps in our production, thereby increasing our labor productivity by more than 30% over the last three years.

Dr.-Ing. Till Potente - Phoenix Contact, Vice President Operations and Sustainability Business Area Industry Management and Automation
Vice President Operations and Sustainability
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Start today: Six steps to a sustainable factory
With the data you generate, you already hold the key to a sustainable factory today. In our guide, find out which simple and concrete measures you can implement to make the first important steps towards a sustainable future. Download the white paper now – it is free and does not require your contact information.
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Success factors of the digitalized sustainable factory We make the Digital Factory happen – now

Phoenix Contact is looking closely at the following three areas in its implementation of a future-proof and resource-saving Digital Factory:

Sustainable production Leading the way to success on the path to a net zero factory

Whether in food manufacturing, glass manufacturing, or other manufacturing trades, each factory has its own challenges, causing different levels of consumption in the production of goods. This includes resources such as compressed air, water, and electricity. With the help of grouped and evaluated consumption data, not only can the carbon footprint of each item produced be acquired, but it is also optimized with intelligent AI solutions where necessary and reported in compliance with legislation. This applies to local manufacturing sites to the same extent as to global production networks. With a holistic data acquisition and analysis, the relevant optimization potential can be realized with machine learning. With this, transparent and sustainable production control can reduce the carbon footprint in every process step.

Increased productivity Increased OEE as the crucial competitive advantage

Improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) means increasing quality and performance in production while reducing downtimes and stoppages of machinery and equipment. The targeted collection, storage, and evaluation of process data along the entire value creation process offers the possibility of digitally mapping actual production states. Error states can be detected and eliminated with smart automation concepts, meaning that nothing stands in the way of optimized processes, higher outputs, and lower manufacturing costs. At the same time, holistic data acquisition in OT and IT offers the possibility of making fast and targeted data-based decisions in day-to-day business.

Cybersecurity in production Protected against threats from inside and outside at all times

Increasingly growing production networks, more stringent legal requirements, ands the networking of all stakeholders of a production facility underline the necessity of a holistic cybersecurity approach in the factory. This requires an analysis of the entire network in accordance with IEC 62443 to ensure that data and access (across locations) are always secure. Only with this approach can the security status be monitored and evaluated holistically. This includes compliance with laws and regulations such as NIS 2.0 and the German IT Security Act, securing supply chain agreements, and protecting expertise against unauthorized access. This can be realized with the 360° security concept (certified in accordance with IEC 62443) from Phoenix Contact.

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Digitalization of your production with Phoenix Contact Data is key in every digitalization concept

Phoenix Contact has an adaptable concept with ready-to-use and validated solutions for successful digitalization in your production. Regardless of whether for new equipment or a retrofit, the implementation of efficient and sustainable production processes always requires a close look at the following issues:

  • Data collection, storage, and evaluation
  • Data transportation
  • Data security
  • Data usage

Phoenix Contact is already successfully using relevant solutions from the four clusters. Let us work with you to mutually achieve shorter lead times and greater flexibility in your production, step by step.

Main level of the 360° virtual Digital Factory

Discover the Digital Factory now Experience our virtual 360° tour

Discover how the intelligent sustainable solutions have already been implemented at the production site in Bad Pyrmont. Dr.-Ing. Till Potente will welcome you virtually to our interactive 360° Digital Factory and is looking forward to your visit and answering any questions you may have.

PLCnext Factory tour

New ways of thinking for production, products, and processes

Along with the intelligent use of data and the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, the growing infrastructure in your production operations makes it necessary to rethink existing work processes. Our experts from the PLCnext Factory will show you how the various challenges can be successfully overcome with the use of smart solutions. Discover which solutions you can use to realize your Digital Factory.

Empowering the All Electric Society Carbon-neutral production with the Digital Factory

On the journey towards an environmentally friendly world, carbon-neutral energy represents an important building block for a sustainable future. Phoenix Contact is pushing ahead on this path with sector coupling, which aims to achieve the intelligent networking of all sectors that generate and consume power. The Digital Factory has various future-oriented solutions at the ready for this.

For example, in order for machines to reach a high level of productivity within the framework of resource-conserving operation, various pieces of information are required from the infrastructure of your factory. It is essential that the correct approach is taken to acquire, manage, and use the growing number of data points. By using current communication standards, such as 5G or WLAN 6, Digital Factory solutions provide the optimum basis for a cleaner future.

What is the Digital Factory? Things you should know about digitalization

The age of Industry 4.0 also brings various demands in terms of quality, flexibility, and costs in digital production processes. Digitally networking sensors, instruments, and other network components within the framework of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables the OT and IT worlds in your digital factory to be networked.

For companies, the benefit is clear to see: Productivity will be increased and the production process itself can counteract any potential failures through predictive maintenance. Your company can make digitalization a reality with a Digital Factory.