String combiner box and surge protective device for PV applications

Surge protection for photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic systems, whether large ground-mounted systems or rooftop systems on a residential building, are at risk of lightning surge voltage due to the coupling surfaces and installation locations. With our string combiner boxes and surge protective devices for photovoltaic systems, you not only ensure availability and high performance. At the same time, you also keep the amortization time of the system as short as possible. Use our lightning and surge protection for photovoltaic systems to ensure availability and your yield.

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Your advantages

  • Fast installation and startup with preassembled string combiner boxes
  • Standard-compliant switchgear and controlgear assembly due to the use of DIN EN 61439
  • High-performance components for specific application requirements
  • Pluggable components and application-specific connection technology enable easy maintenance
Further information
Surge protection and PV accessories
String combiner boxes need to be used in order to provide optimum protection for the various parts of rooftop systems against lightning strikes and surge voltages. Phoenix Contact offers an extensive portfolio of various ready-to-install, directly connectable string combiner boxes for your rooftop systems.
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Electrician in a PV rooftop system talking to a Phoenix Contact employee who is holding a surge protective device