Managed switch FL SWITCH 2608 in a robust metal housing

Managed IP67 switches 2600 and 2700

The managed switches 2600 and 2700 allow you to create a decentralized Ethernet network with high IP65/IP66/IP67 degrees of protection, robust M12 connection technology, and a large range of functions. Integrate decentralized sensors, actuators, cameras, and I/O stations into the network directly in the field, regardless of the ambient conditions.

FL SWITCH 2600 mounted on an aluminum profile

The housing, which is only 60 mm wide, enables a wide range of mounting locations

Compact, robust, for use practically anywhere

The metal housing and slim-line design of the FL SWITCH 2600 and 2700 give you practically limitless opportunities when selecting the mounting location: on a metal profile directly on the machine or on a wall.

IP67 switch with one connected connector with M12 Push-Pull fast locking system and one classic M12 screw connection

Innovative M12 Push-Pull fast locking system and classic M12 screw connection combined in a single port

Proven and innovative at the same time with flexible M12 connection technology

The flexible M12 connections of the 2600 and 2700 IP67 switches enable both the use of classic M12 connectors with screw connection and the innovative M12 Push-Pull fast locking system from Phoenix Contact. You can therefore integrate the switches either into existing applications with M12 cables already installed or take advantage of the very easy and quick to mount M12 Push-Pull fast locking system in new applications.

The coding of the M12 connections is in accordance with the common standards. This means that the Ethernet ports, depending on version, are available with D-coding (Fast Ethernet) or X-coding (Gigabit), while the power supply is with A-coding or L-coding (PROFINET versions).

Three FL SWITCH 2600 devices connected together with one power cable each

Supplying power made easy with the redundant power input/power output concept

Efficient power supply with minimum wiring work

The redundant power input/power output concept allows you to supply power to several switches or I/O stations highly efficiently with minimum cabling work. It is also possible to extend networks easily thanks to this concept.

Close-up of the FL SWITCH 2600 showing the concealed SD card slot and the small mode button

Easy configuration via mode button and SD card

Wide range of configuration options for commissioning your network

The established and popular configuration options of the FL SWITCH 2000 product family are also available in the IP67 versions 2600 and 2700. You can configure the switches very easily using a mode button on the device or via a microSD card. Naturally, all of the usual configuration options, such as web-based management, CLI, SNMP, and PROFINET device, are also available via Ethernet.

Overview of FL SWITCH 2600 and 2700



Transmission speed 10/100 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbps
Jumbo frames No Yes
Alarm contact No No
Temperature range -40°C ... +70°C -40°C ... +70°C
Supply voltage 9 ... 57 V DC 9 ... 57 V DC
Filter functions
Quality of Service Yes Yes
Class of Service Yes Yes
DiffServ/DSCP Yes Yes
VLAN Yes Yes
Multicast/IGMP snooping Yes Yes
Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) Yes Yes
MRP manager/client Yes / yes Yes / yes
Fast Ring Detection (FRD) Yes Yes
Link Aggregation (LACP) Yes Yes
Large Tree Support Yes Yes
Extended ring redundancy 15 ms No No

Overview of FL SWITCH 2600 and 2700



Management functions
Role-based user management Yes Yes
Web-based management (HTTP/HTTPS) Yes Yes
Address Conflict Detection (ACD) Yes Yes
DHCP server Pool-based/port-based, option 82 Pool-based/port-based, option 82
Command Line Interface (CLI) Yes Yes
Diagnostic functions
Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Yes Yes
Port configuration, statistics, and utilization Yes Yes
SNMPv1/v2/v3 Yes Yes
SNMP traps Yes Yes
Syslog Yes Yes
Time synchronization
Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Yes Yes
MAC-based port security Yes Yes
RADIUS authentication (IEEE 802.1X) Yes Yes
Automation protocols
PROFINET conformance class B B
PROFINET device Yes Yes
EtherNet/IP™, extended multicast filtering Yes Yes
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