MACX MCR-S-MUX - HART multiplexer

HART Multiplexer for online configuration and diagnostics of HART-compatible field devices, as well as for continuous documentation of process variables and states with a PC or management system for mounting on NS 35/7.5 or NS 32

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Supports online configuration and diagnostics for the connected HART-compatible field devices
Communication via software tool (e.g., HART OPC server) using RS-485 interface
Up to 128 HART multiplexers on one PC interface
32 HART channels per multiplexer
Continuous documentation of process variables and states
Electrical isolation between auxiliary voltage, RS-485 bus, and the HART channels
HART field devices are accessed parallel to the transmission of the measurement signal without affecting measured value processing
HART field devices connected via universal HART connection boards; direct connection if processing non-Ex signals, with separate Ex i signal isolator connected upstream if processing Ex signals
Power supply via HART connection board