UNO POWER power supply with basic functionality

Power supplies with basic functionality

Thanks to their high power density, the UNO POWER power supplies with basic functionality are ideal for use in compact control cabinets. With low no-load losses and high levels of efficiency, the efficient technology in the compact housing covers loads from 25 W to 480 W. Together, the 18 devices in the range cover output voltages from 5 to 48 V DC and are available in six designs.

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Your advantages

  • Maximum energy efficiency, thanks to high efficiency of up to 94% and thanks to extremely low idling losses of less than 0.3 W
  • Particularly compact, thanks to high power density
  • Wide range of products covers all common voltage levels
  • Outdoor installation possible with a wide temperature range from -25°C to +70°C

New products

TRIO IP67 power supply
UNO POWER power supply
STEP POWER power supply
Power supplies with IP67 degree of protection
Robust for supply in the field

The robust TRIO POWER IP67 power supplies are waterproof and dustproof. They were developed specifically for applications outside of the control cabinet and are equipped with M12 or 7/8'' device connections. This increases their installation flexibility.

These are the main features

  • Direct installation at the load in the field reduces cable lengths and saves space in the control cabinet
  • The robust die-cast aluminum housing ensures high system availability with resistance to extreme environmental conditions (temperature, dust, and water)
  • Improved diagnostic options in the field with DC OK-LED and AC OK-LED
  • NEC Class2 (POUT <90 W)

These are the advantages

  • IP67 degree of protection
  • High shock and vibration resistance, plus electric strength
  • Efficiency: >92%
  • Wide temperature range: -25°C … +70°C
  • Device connections: M12, 7/8''

Power supplies with basic functionality
Space savings for cost-sensitive applications

The new UNO POWER generation stands out due to its easy system diagnostics via DC OK-LED and switching relay contact. The high power density makes UNO POWER the perfect solution for industrial applications with limited space.

These are the main features

  • Save space in the control cabinet thanks to the narrow overall width
  • Easy system diagnostics with the floating switch contact and DC OK-LED
  • Flexible use in outdoor installations and reliable device startup at -40°C
  • Save energy thanks to the high degree of efficiency
  • Alignable without minimum clearance to neighboring modules

These are the advantages

  • LED signaling and DC OK relay contact
  • Adjustable output voltage: 24 V DC … 28 V DC
  • Efficiency up to 94.6%
  • High power density: 500 W/dm³

Power supplies for building automation
Efficiency Level VI and flat housing

All devices are perfectly suited for use in industrial and household applications. The device with flat housing was developed specifically for LED applications. The other devices are optimally prepared for the charging infrastructure.

These are the main features

  • Energy savings with the highest level of efficiency in no-load and partial-load operation (Efficiency Level VI)
  • Space savings in the control cabinet with the narrow and low-profile designs combined with increased performance (up to 100%)
  • Approval for household purposes (EN 60335) allows use in domestic applications for the first time
  • Quick and easy startup with tool-free Push-in connection technology at a 45° angle with double terminal points

These are the advantages

  • Efficiency: >94%
  • No-load losses: <0.21 W
  • Up to 100% increase in performance
  • Push-in connection with conductor/PCB connection direction: 45°
  • Wide temperature range: -10°C … +70°C

Graph shows energy efficiency vs. costs when using the UNO POWER power supply

Graph shows energy efficiency vs. costs

Maximum energy efficiency

Compared to other products on the market, using the UNO POWER power supply delivers excellent energy savings as a result of low no-load losses below 0.3 W and optimized efficiency. With efficiency factors of up to 94% at nominal load, just a small amount of electrical energy is converted into undesired heat energy.

Front view of the UNO POWER power supply

Front view of the UNO POWER power supply

Small, powerful, and up to 480 W

The UNO POWER power supply supplies maximum power in the smallest space and is also available with 150 W, 240 W, and 480 W output power. The output voltage can be set from 24 to 28 V DC using a potentiometer.

  • 24 V DC / 6.25 A for 150 W with an overall width of 37 mm
  • 24 V DC / 10 A for 240 W with an overall width of 45 mm
  • 24 V DC / 20 A for 480 W with an overall width of 59 mm
UNO POWER power supply

UNO POWER power supply

High product variety

The UNO POWER power supply offers performance classes ranging from 25 W to 480 W at output voltages from 5 V DC to 48 V DC. UNO POWER enables input voltages from 85 V AC to 264 V AC and functions reliably even during voltage fluctuations in the power supply network. For input voltages from 264 V AC to 575 V AC, the 2 AC device with 24 V and 90 W is used. Two devices with the C2LPS designation are certified in accordance with UL 1310/508 Listed Class 2 and are specifically designed for the American market. With the large variety of products and wide temperature range from -25°C to +70°C, the UNO POWER power supplies can be used flexibly.

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