SPT modular series PCB terminal blocks

Modular PCB terminal blocks for customer-specific terminal blocks

24 to 1,500 V in one connection terminal block: Configurable SPT modular series PCB terminal blocks supply your industrial electronics with an electric strength of up to 1,500 V. Phoenix Contact’s product configurator guides you to your terminal block in just a few steps: With extendable color spaces and, if desired, even with cross-sections that can be combined differently, but always with 24/7 access to your configuration data.

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Your advantages

  • Reduce power losses: Electric strength up to 1,500 V
  • More color options: Every position can be colored according to your wishes
  • Just a single component for any device connection: Combine different individual elements as desired to create your custom connection block.
  • The easy way to your customized item: Use the online configurator
  • Technical data can easily be accessed online: QR code on every product
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Configuration of the SPT modular PCB terminal block
Configured SPT modular series PCB terminal block on a laptop

Configurator for modular PCB terminal blocks

Configure your tailored solution for PCB terminal blocks from the SPT modular series and, at the end of the configuration process, add it directly to your cart.

You will then automatically receive a personal item number and information on the lead time. This ordering method is available in many countries. Until this method is rolled out globally, individual countries can temporarily request their solution by email at the end of the configuration process.

Phoenix Contact GameChangers for device connection

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3D View

360° view of SPT modular series PCB terminal blocks

PCB terminal blocks of the SPT modular series allow device manufacturers to create precisely fitting terminal blocks – in an end-to-end digital process chain from configuration through to production.

Discover the high degree of individualization that enables you to configure your connection block in the adjacent 3D view.

Completely consistent and digital end-to-end processes

Phoenix Contact is responding to customer demand for digitalization and individualization in connection technology. Find out what makes the configurable PCB terminal blocks from the SPT modular series unique.

Versatile use in numerous applications

Configurable PCB terminal blocks from the SPT modular series enable numerous applications in industrial and semi-industrial industries. The vertical versions are aimed above all at internal wiring and are preferably positioned in the middle of PCBs.

Special pitch spacers increase the electric strength of individual terminal points to up to 1,500 V, making them of particular interest for renewable energy applications and e-mobility. This is because in these fields, higher voltages should enable lower line losses – and therefore increased energy efficiency. They are therefore also suitable for a multitude of device applications – such as the following: