Wind turbine generators

Wind turbine generators

Robust and powerful

Use reliable and proven solutions – developed for demanding conditions.

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  • Nacelle

    Phoenix Contact offers an optimum yawing system and reliable condition monitoring.

  • Hub and pitch
    Hub and pitch

    Solutions from Phoenix Contact enable reliable pitch control and failsafe communication in the hub.

  • Drive train
    Drive train

    Improve the availability of the system through continual monitoring and control of the drive train.

  • Converters and grid feed-in
    Converters and grid feed-in

    Turn-key solutions from Phoenix Contact allow you to meet the legal requirements for grid feed-in.

  • Tower

    Whether it is bottom-box electronics, lighting or monitoring systems: at Phoenix Contact you can find turn-key solutions for towers.

  • Electrical equipment
    Electrical equipment

    Phoenix Contact offers solutions for automating all aspects of wind turbine generators, from the sensor to the control room.

  • System safety
    System safety

    At Phoenix Contact there is a wide range of safety technology products for every area and wind turbine generators of any size.

Harsh environmental conditions and long lifecycles – wind turbines (or WTGs) place high demands on electrical engineering. Phoenix Contact offers innovative solutions that are particularly reliable for all aspects of WTGs.

Decades of experience and specially developed products provide the foundation for high-performance solutions, ranging from lightning monitoring systems to wind farm management. The focus is always on maximum availability for efficient energy production.

Overview: wind turbine generators

Overview: wind turbine generators

Reliable solutions for wind turbine generators: from lightning monitoring systems to wind farm management


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Solutions for wind power plants

Phoenix Contact offers innovative and reliable solutions for all aspects of wind power plants and wind parks.

LM-S lightning monitoring system

LM-S monitors Guangxi wind farm with a power output of 1.5 MW.

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