Ethernet reinvented.

Ethernet reinvented.

One single pair is all you need.

Ethernet is the leading data communication technology for local area networks (LAN) at the corporate and operational levels. As the industrial world evolves to adopt IoT strategies for an advanced physical layer (APL), the need for new connection systems and smarter technology becomes the catalyst for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE).

Single Pair Ethernet is innovative, efficient, and future-proof. It brings bi-directional, high-performance transmission of data and power through one twisted pair using Power over Data Line (PoDL). New standardized interfaces per IEC 63171-2 and 63171-5 are ideally suited for industrial IP20 or IP67 environments. This new technology makes consistent network communication and power supply possible, even within complex industrial networks and IoT applications. The SPE connector system from Phoenix Contact offers inter-mateable connections for efficient and space-saving system cabling.

Why was SPE developed?

Since the 1980s, Ethernet technology has consistently evolved to support advancing system requirements and new areas of use. It enables seamless transmission of data via TCP/IP and is the application-neutral communication backbone for local IoT networks. Its unique compatibility between new and legacy systems is the basis for Single Pair Ethernet.

Requirements for more efficient cable infrastructure in complex IIoT solutions demand innovative communication technology. SPE represents the next milestone in network technology and will revolutionize the design and development of smart devices. Through a comprehensive implementation of sensor-to-cloud technology, Single Pair Ethernet enables a new standardized ecosystem for Ethernet-based communication.

FeatureYour advantage
Compact connector designWith a profile that is less than 50% the size of RJ45 connectors, SPE connectors require less PCB tracing, have a smaller footprint, and allow for more connectors on the PCB and in the field.
Power and data transmission

Maintain Ethernet transmission of up to 1 Gbps or up to 1,000 meters. In the same twisted pair, add up to 50 W of power (PoDL) for broader application utilization.

Bi-directional communication

Support IoT systems and quickly obtain diagnostics and real-time data directly from sensors and devices over a single pair cabling system.

Compatible mating faces

Phoenix Contact designed SPE connectors to international standards IEC 63171-2 and -5. Solutions for both IP20 and IP67 and with inter-mateability between them to provide a fully compatible system.

Single pair

Two wires instead of a 2-pair or 4-pair (4 or 8 wires) offer reduced size, weight, and installation time.

What are typical applications for SPE?

Single Pair Ethernet connectors will be used any time a small connection profile is needed, as well as when a customer wants to integrate devices and simplify circuit layouts easily. SPE will be especially useful for field cabling to and from control cabinets, sensors, and field devices. SPE is a key technology for the implementation of an IIoT ecosystem in smart factories, smart buildings, and many other areas of application. In addition, SPE has the unique capability of transmission up to 1,000 meters compared to traditional Ethernet, which is limited to 100-meter cable runs.

What are typical applications for SPE?

Devices and equipment

  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Gateways
  • Surveillance i.e. cameras
  • Monitoring i.e. meters

IEC 63171 contains six sub-standards with five different connector interfaces. Phoenix Contact designed IP20 and IP67 products to meet 63171-2 and -5 sub-standards.


Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance

Together with other leading manufacturers, we have formed the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance to present the most comprehensive sensor-to-cloud connectivity ecosystem available on the market. Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance members are an open network of leading technology companies from different industries and fields of application. The partners of the Alliance bundle their know-how to jointly establish Single Pair Ethernet in IIoT applications to convey and offer its users maximum functionality. 

Customer benefits

Phoenix Contact and the SPE System Alliance bring a more advanced solution with greater customer benefits to market, such as:

  • Compact size, supporting a higher packing density
  • Vertical orientation on the PCB rather than horizontal, saving even more space
  • IP20 connectors compatible with M8 sockets - no adapter required
  • Broad portfolio of products to support a total IoT solution
  • Lower total cost for design and installation
  • IP67 with true M8 size for compatibility with common sensor profile


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