Areas of application

Areas of application

The things that are important to you can be destroyed in flash

Surge protection from Phoenix Contact – reliable protection and high-quality hardware that is easy to install.

Surge protection for residential buildings

Protect your home against lightning strikes and surge voltages. No heating in winter? A broken TV during the Olympics? An unresponsive computer containing all your family photos?

If you dread the thought of these situations you should take the subject of surge protection seriously. Lightning strikes as far away as 2 km can destroy your electronic devices, such as TVs, PCs and laptops, smartphones, central heating, fridges and freezers, coffee machines, and much more, in a split second.

The damage caused to these devices can easily amount to thousands of euros. Even if your contents insurance covers such damage, the loss of personal data is irreversible.

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Recommended surge protective devices

Use the configurator below to choose comprehensive protection for your home. You will find the right products in no time at all.

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Surge protection in charging stations

We have tested what happens when a wallbox gets an overvoltage.