Test disconnect terminal blocks

Flexible test disconnect terminal blocks for all transformer test circuits

Safe disconnection and short-circuiting

Compact terminal blocks for the easy and individual design of measuring transducer sets.

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The new test disconnect terminal blocks can be used to design space-saving and modular switchgear. The plug-in CLIPLINE complete system accessories for testing and short-circuiting the current transformers as well as the potential distribution can be placed inside the terminal strips according to the specific application. The test disconnect terminal blocks are available with different connection technologies.

Your advantages

  • Maximum functionality: up to six universal function shafts for potential distribution or test purposes
  • Easy and safe operation, thanks to clear indication and latching of switching states
  • Modular design of transformer circuits, thanks to plug-in test disconnect terminal blocks
  • Reliable protection of connected current transformers, thanks to plug versions with integrated leading short-circuit contact
  • Easy and functional design, thanks to feed-through and ground terminal blocks of the same shape

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