Test device for surge protective devices

Test device for surge protective devices

Portable test laboratory

Perform screening tests: through the comprehensive testing of your pluggable surge protective devices.

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Determine the state of your pluggable protective devices at an early stage. The CHECKMASTER 2 checks surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact and tests all the relevant components.

Your advantages

  • Increased system availability, thanks to screening test
  • High level of quality and safety: update function keeps you up to date with the latest developments
  • User-friendly, reliable, and quick – error-free item entry using barcode scanner
  • High level of investment security thanks to variable test sockets

Regular check for safe surge protection

CHECKMASTER 2 arrester test device  

CHECKMASTER 2: test device for various designs and circuits

According to IEC 62305-3, surge protective devices must be tested regularly. In addition, the standard requires the traceable documentation of test values. The method of operation of the CHECKMASTER 2 meets these requirements.

  • CHECKMASTER 2 stores all test results in internal memory.
  • The stored test values can be output immediately or at a later time.
  • The test report contains the order designation and the test result together with the date and time.

Several test sockets are available that can be used for testing virtually all pluggable protective devices with the CHECKMASTER 2.

Intelligent check with precise diagnostics

Barcode scanner  

Easy identification of test objects thanks to the barcode scanner

The CHECKMASTER checks surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact according to their specific electrical properties. The acquisition of order numbers is error free with the barcode scanner.
The test object is simply inserted into the associated test adapter. If the scanner has already detected the device type, the test is started automatically upon insertion.
Alternatively, the order number of the test object can be entered via the touch panel after insertion into the test adapter.

Test result  

  • Status 1: OK
  • Status 2: Tolerance limit reached
  • Status 3: Overloaded, replacement required

Tolerance limit reached – Exchange recommended

If the CHECKMASTER indicates "Tolerance limit reached", the arrester has already been subjected to stress several times. Although the surge protective device is still functional, it should be replaced as part of predictive maintenance.

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