Safe coupling relays

Safe coupling relays

Reliable availability in the process industry

Certified coupling relays with force-guided contacts for safe startup and shutdown.

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Whether in the process industry or machine building: reliable signal coupling must be ensured in the event of an emergency. Phoenix Contact offers coupling relays with force-guided contacts for this.

Your advantages

  • Maximum safety with force-guided contacts in accordance with EN 50205
  • Safe diagnostics and easy proof test in accordance with IEC 61508
  • High level of compatibility: tailored to control systems in the process industry
  • Simple verification possible, as all safety-relevant characteristic data is available

PSRmini highly compact safe coupling relays

PSRmini highly compact safe coupling relays  

Space savings of up to 70% with PSRmini

Thanks to the relay technology developed in-house, the PSRmini coupling relays are extremely space-saving. The SIL coupling relays with force-guided contacts provide a huge space-saving potential of up to 70% with full performance.

  • Overall width from 6 mm
  • Coupling relays for safe startup and safe shutdown
  • LEDs enable SIL-qualified diagnostics directly on the module
  • Active error messaging to the controller ensures short downtimes during planned maintenance phases
  • Compatible with standard safe systems

PSRclassic classic safe coupling relays

PSRclassic classic safe coupling relays  

Classic coupling relays for safe shutdown

In the PSRclassic series, you will find the classic coupling relays with force-guided contacts for safe shutdown. The classic coupling relays are characterized by a wide range of features and versions. The housing width is suitable for the market-standard housing dimensions.

  • Overall width from 17.5 mm
  • Coupling relays for safe shutdown
  • Compatible with standard safe systems

Proven safety thanks to force-guided contacts

Force-guided contacts  

Force-guided contacts

The N/O and N/C contacts of an elementary relay are connected to one another mechanically through forced guidance. This prevents N/O and N/C contacts from closing at the same time. In conjunction with a suitable circuit, failure to open can be reliably detected. This is the most reliable way to ensure maximum safety for both person and machine.

In order to provide a high level of safety, our PSRmini and PSRclassic products are equipped with force-guided contacts.

System cabling with the Termination Carrier

PSRmini coupling relay system cabling  

Termination Carriers and PSRmini: unique packing density in the control cabinet

The Termination Carriers are designed to accommodate the PSRmini and PSRclassic. With the module carriers, you can reduce your wiring outlay and speed up installation. 

Thanks to a consistent concept and specific system technology, you avoid wiring errors with the Termination Carriers, and therefore eliminate the cause of expensive and time-consuming troubleshooting.

We'll be happy to adapt the Termination Carriers to suit your specific requirements.

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