Charge controllers for e-mobility

Charge controllers

Electric charging – Safe and flexible

Our charging controllers can be used to operate any charging station – whether for private, semi-public or public use.

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  • DC charging controllers
    E-mobility charging controllers for semi-public and public applications.

    Charging controllers for DC fast charging stations in commercial and public applications.

  • AC charging controllers
    AC charging controllers

    Charging controllers for AC charging stations and home charging stations for private, commercial, and public applications.

  • Residual current monitoring
    Residual current monitoring

    Single and two-channel RCM modules for residual current monitoring in charging stations and home charging stations.

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From a domestic AC wall box right through to HPC charging stations on the highway: you can operate any charging station with our flexible charging controllers. These devices monitor and control the electric vehicle charging process in accordance with internationally applicable standards and requirements, such as IEC, GB/T, and SAE. Thanks to our wide range of products, you can implement a vast array of infrastructure concepts tailored to your individual requirements.

Your advantages

  • Standard-compliant products for setting up your charging stations
  • High flexibility, thanks to extensive configuration options
  • Easy implementation of intelligent charging infrastructures with charging management
  • Easy integration into management systems, thanks to standardized communication interfaces
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001

DC charging controller for fast charging stations

EV Charge Control Professional DC charging controller  

Charging controller for DC applications

Our freely programmable EVCC Professional DC charging controller is the powerful control solution for your state-of-the-art fast charging station.

It supports both fast DC charging and conventional AC charging, and at the same time takes care of all control and communication tasks, including visualization on the operator panel.


AC charging controllers for charging stations and wall boxes

Charging controllers for AC applications  

Charging controllers for AC applications

With our AC charging controllers, you can charge electric vehicles with alternating current in accordance with international standards.

The portfolio covers the entire spectrum of AC charging stations: from simple, private charging points such wall boxes in garages and carports, right through to public and commercial applications with multiple charging points, load and energy management, remote access, and billing.

Residual current monitoring for higher availability

Modules for residual current monitoring of one or two charging points  

Single and two-channel module for residual current monitoring

Our residual current monitoring modules detect AC and DC residual currents in your charging stations. In combination with a type A residual current device, the module saves you from having to use an expensive type B residual current device because it interrupts the charging process in the event of an error.

Once the residual current is no longer present, the charging controller automatically resets the module. The charging point is thus available for use again without the need for costly servicing.

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Setting up a simple AC charging station

From the installation to the operational charging station.