Antennas and cables

Antennas and cables

Reception at all times

Create a complete wireless solution using corresponding antennas and appropriate accessories.

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Ensure maximum transmission quality for your application and extend your wireless devices with corresponding antennas. Accessories such as appropriate cables complete the package.

Your advantages

  • Higher level of performance for your application, thanks to tailored accessories
  • Ideal for industrial applications, thanks to the special antenna design
  • Choosing the right components is easy, thanks to helpful examples

The right antenna for your application

Antennas for every application  

Antennas for every application

With the right antenna you can transform our wireless devices into an individual solution for your application.

Storage and production halls
For wireless coverage in areas with a lot of reflective equipment

Track-guided systems
For wireless transmission, e.g., to track-guided systems

Radio links
For covering large distances

Vehicles or machines
Particularly robust antennas for use on vehicles, for example

What you need for your wireless system

Components of a wireless device  

Components of a wireless device

Here you can see which components you need for a wireless device.

  1. Control box
  2. Wireless module
  3. Pigtail
  4. Surge protection
  5. Antenna cable
  6. Adapter
  7. Antenna


Antenna barrier for the safe use of standard antennas in the ex area

Antenna barrier for installation in Ex zone 2  

Antenna barrier for installation in Ex zone 2

The antenna barrier makes the high-frequency outputs of your wireless modules intrinsically safe according to Ex i protection. It limits the ignition energy in the event of an error. This allows you to use standard antennas in potentially explosive areas of zone 0, 1, and 2.

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