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Standardized testing in accordance with IEC 62305-3

IEC 62305-3 describes repeat testing for protective devices.

Standard-compliant testing and documentation

According to IEC 62305-3, surge protective devices must be tested regularly (see table below). In addition, the standard requires the traceable documentation of test values.

  • ImpulseCheck continuously acquires the status (state-of-health) of the surge protective devices being monitored. A corresponding report can be generated at any time with the push of a button.
  • CHECKMASTER 2 tests the protective plugs and saves the test results in the internal memory.
  • The saved test results can be output at any time.
  • The test report contains the order designation and the test result together with the date and time.
  • Data transfer to the PC is performed via a USB stick.
  • The log files are stored in CSV format and can be processed further in any spreadsheet program.
Lightning protection levelI and IIIII and IV
Visual check (interval)AnnuallyEvery 2 years
Comprehensive testingEvery 2 yearsEvery 4 years
Comprehensive check of critical systemsAnnuallyAnnually

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  • Standardized testing in accordance with IEC 62305-3

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