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Process data always at a glance

Process data always at a glance

Do you want to monitor and control distributed systems in an event-oriented and secure way? No problem with our remote control solutions.

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The comprehensive integration of distributed systems with intelligent remote control systems is becoming increasingly important: Phoenix Contact offers a reliable solution in the form of its ReSy+ automation system.

Your advantages

  • Easy – transmit remote signals wirelessly
  • Inexpensive: up to 20 km network connections using existing remote control cables
  • Compact: remote control and automation using a single device – ReSy+
  • Flexible – with highly modular remote control stations
  • Versatile, thanks to data transmission via Ethernet, wireless technology, GPRS, fixed-line network, GSM, and Industrial Wireless

Parameterization instead of programming

Worldwide remote access  

Worldwide remote access

The ReSy+ (Remote Systems) remote control system enables secure, event-oriented, and inexpensive monitoring of your distributed systems. This operates via Ethernet as well as via serial interfaces.

In addition, you can transmit process data via Bluetooth, Industrial Wireless, GSM, plus fixed-line network and Ethernet.

The ReSy+ libraries contain preprogrammed examples which can be used directly. Otherwise you can combine ready-made blocks to create your own solution. The advantages are obvious: you no longer need to do any programming, instead you just parameterize accordingly. This saves time and money.

The use of a wide range of protocols such as ODP, IEC 60870-5-101 and -104 enables you to network remote control stations with the higher-level control system. If a permanent line is not available, the data is forwarded via the public phone network, using analog, digital, GSM or GPRS/EDGE/3G connections.

Your application determines the solution. Using the ReSy+ automation system from Phoenix Contact, you can create various remote control paths quickly and easily. In addition, they can be extended flexibly at any time.

ReSySMS remote control communication library

ReSySMS remote control communication library  

ReSySMS remote control communication library

The ReSySMS remote control communication library is modern, flexible, and cost-effective. For monitoring distributed stations, use SMS messaging via fixed-line network, fax or mobile phone.

Selection of possible applications

  • Messaging with 160 characters per message
  • Fault alarm generation or remote control of distributed systems
  • Use of numerous destination addresses or groups via one custom-defined register
  • SMS messaging from controller to mobile phone or fax
  • SMS messaging from controller to controller
  • If not confirmed within a defined time window, messages are sent to another destination address
  • Time stamp to ensure clock synchronization
  • Execution of commands ensured by acknowledgment system
  • Simultaneous transmission of various messages
  • Built-in security functions ensure exclusive access for the defined recipient

Keep an overview of all external stations with ReSySMS from Phoenix Contact.

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