Cyber security

Security for your network

Security for your network

Let us help you protect your industrial networks from unauthorized access and malware.

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    Applications and solutions

    Phoenix Contact offers innovative cyber security solutions for machine building and systems manufacturers and operators as well as for industry and critical infrastructure.

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    Cyber security products from Phoenix Contact for industrial network security and secure remote communication.

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    Read the following success stories to find out how our customers have implemented challenging projects with security appliances from Phoenix Contact.

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    Service and support

    Here you will find additional information such as downloads, service offers, links, and FAQs on the topic of cyber security at Phoenix Contact.

Industry has never been as networked and as transparent as today - or as vulnerable to attack. Trends such as Industrie 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things bring greater efficiency and flexibility to production. At the same time, networked systems pose a huge security risk and pave the way for failures, sabotage or data loss.

Find out how we can help you protect your industrial systems from cyber attacks and viruses with our innovative products and services.

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Roland Bent, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Development

Roland Bent, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Development

“Alongside a digital value added chain, network and data security is one of the key topics of Industrie 4.0. In a highly networked world that not only includes consumer applications but increasingly also encompasses industrial development, production, and logistics processes, it is essential that we secure processes, products, and the exchange of information.”

As the leader in automation technology, we take this into account and we have our own cyber security competence center in Berlin, the Phoenix Contact Cyber Security GmbH (formerly Innominate Security Technologies AG). This expertise enables us to offer individual network solutions and products designed specially for industry requirements.

Industrial network security

Security risks in industrial networks  

Industrial network security provides protection against the dangers posed by increased networking

Industrial network security protects networked industrial systems from attacks, data espionage, failures due to viruses, malware, and misuse. Unlike the Ethernet standard, established security concepts such as office firewalls cannot be easily transferred to production networks. These do not meet special industry requirements.

Based on our years of experience in automation technology, we know the industry's requirements and can provide solutions with proven security concepts and innovative products. For example, we offer:

  • Special firewall functions for industry, e.g., conditional firewall and user firewall
  • Deep packet inspection for industrial protocols
  • Secure network access for service technicians

Secure remote access

Secure communication worldwide  

Secure remote maintenance concepts for global networking of machines and systems

Managing production systems by means of remote access cuts travel costs and reduces downtime. However, to fully benefit from the possibilities offered by remote maintenance, a secure, reliable, and error-free connection is a must. An unsecured remote connection enables unauthorized persons to access the company network: a security hole which can lead to considerable financial damage.

Our components for secure remote access ensure particularly secure data transfer via VPN tunnel, using the latest encryption standards. We also offer well-designed systems for this purpose which take special industry requirements into account. For example, our components enable:

  • Easy integration of machines and systems without software installation
  • Flexible connections via the Internet or the mobile network
  • A firewall in the VPN tunnel for secure access
  • VPN communication which does not involve changes to the company firewall

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