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Flexible and intelligent parameterization – with AutomationXplorer+

AutomationXplorer+ is an open software tool for the parameterization and diagnostics of intelligent devices, sensors, and actuators based on the standardized FDT (Field Device Tool) interface.

Open thanks to FDT interface

AutomationXplorer+ software  

AutomationXplorer+ software

FDT/DTM technology is the basis for consistent parameterization with the AutomationXplorer+ software. FDT ensures that the platform is open for third-party software user interfaces and communication drivers, as well as for various networks.

This platform represents the framework within which the device-specific user interfaces (DTMs) can be called and used – and all by non-proprietary means.

If you therefore want to parameterize intelligent devices such as sensors or actuators that have their own user interface (DTM) centrally, AutomationXplorer+ is the ideal software for you.

Maximum control up to the field

AutomationXplorer+ enables the parameterization of intelligent devices, e.g., sensors and actuators, beyond network boundaries. For example, when using Ethernet, INTERBUS, and HART in a system, direct point-to-point communication between AX+ and sensors is possible by means of corresponding communication and gateway DTMs.

With integrated TCI interface

Do you want to connect your DTM user interfaces to the Siemens engineering system, for example? Then call AutomationXplorer+ via the Tool Calling Interface (TCI). This starts your DTM and you can parameterize IO-Link sensors conveniently, for example.

What can you use AutomationXplorer+ for?

Use AutomationXplorer+ to modify device parameters: for example, in the case of IO-Link sensors for adjusting distance measurement or in the case of HART sensors for diagnosing flow measurement.

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