Industrial Wireless

Industrial Wireless

Wireless from the sensor to the network

Modern wireless technology enables efficient and consistent communication for all industrial applications.

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  • Wireless Ethernet
    Wireless Ethernet

    Components for high-performance Ethernet networks via WLAN or Bluetooth.

  • Wireless I/O
    Wireless I/O

    Wireless I/O devices for the wireless transmission of digital or analog I/O signals.

  • Wireless Serial
    Wireless Serial

    Wireless Serial devices for wireless communication with controllers or serial I/O devices with RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 interface.

  • Antennas and cables
    Reception at all times

    Various antennas, corresponding cables, and accessories complete the range for wireless data communication.

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Industrial wireless systems ensure greater flexibility and efficiency in the industrial communication of data and signals. Discover the numerous ways in which you can benefit from using wireless technology in your application. Phoenix Contact provides you with the required reliable and secure products, solutions, and services.

Your advantages

  • Monitoring and controlling remote stations without cable access
  • Increased flexibility with easy and reliable communication with cellular or hard-to-access automation devices
  • The right solution for every application, thanks to the wide range of technology
  • Large portfolio for a wide variety of applications and requirements
  • We use our many years of experience to support you in planning and implementing your applications

Wireless has become a major trend

Communication between tablet and machine  

Wireless solutions enable communication between tablets and machines

Communication within the network is the key to flexible, self-organizing production within the context of Industrie 4.0. Industrial wireless systems play a key role in the implementation of such concepts, because they provide numerous possibilities for making production processes more efficient and flexible.

Radio-controlled, autonomous transport systems and warehouse shuttles as well as the use of tablets and smartphones for the monitoring, operation, and remote maintenance of machines increase the productivity of your system. In process and infrastructure applications, industrial wireless systems enable data to be gathered from remote stations and field devices that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The ideal wireless technology for your application

Logos for the Trusted Wireless, Bluetooth, and WLAN wireless technologies

Phoenix Contact provides wireless technologies suitable for industrial use

In practice, various wireless technologies have proved suitable for a range of applications. Phoenix Contact provides industrial wireless solutions suitable for your specific applications.

  • Trusted Wireless
    For signal and data transmission in large systems
  • Bluetooth
    For transmitting control data in factory automation
  • WLAN (IEEE 802.11)
    For high-performance and industrial infrastructure networks

You will find detailed information on the wireless technologies in our technology area.


Wireless Ethernet

Wireless I/O

Wireless Serial

WLAN 802.11

WLAN 5100

WLAN 1100

Ethernet port adapter




Ethernet port adapter

Wireless MUX


Trusted Wireless

RAD-ISM-900-EN (North America/South America)

RAD-2400-IFS (global)

RAD-900-IFS (North America/South America)

RAD-868-IFS (Europe)

RAD-2400-IFS (global)

RAD-900-IFS (North America/South America)

RAD-868-IFS (Europe)

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