mGuard Secure VPN Client-Activation

The mGuard Secure VPN Client must be activated via the Internet. The software is only licensed after successful activation. This is necessary in the case of new installations or major hardware changes to the end device.

The license agreement grants the licensee the right to use the software on a single end device only. The software is exclusively assigned to this specific end device and contains copy protection (software activation). In exceptional cases, only, (hardware defect, multiple changing of the hardware) may the license be re-activated upon request, but only if certain requirements are met.

Licenses can be issued online or offline. In the case of software updates, you will be issued with a new license key.

Offline Activation mGuard Secure VPN Client

The “Help” monitor menu item shows the software version, and possibly the licensed version with serial number under the menu option “License Data and Activation”.

The client software is always installed as a test version. If the client software has not yet been installed, or if there is a previously installed older version, which has not yet been activated. This also applies if anolder version has already been licensed - then this older version will be reset to the status of a test version, and the license data must be re-entered within 30 days using the activation dialog.

The time remaining until software activation, i.e. the validity period of the test version, is displayed in the message bar of the monitor next to the activation button.

In order to use a full version with no time limitations the software must be released in the activation dialog with the license key and the serial number that you have received. With activation you accept the license conditions that you can view in the activation dialog after clicking on the appropriate button.

The activation dialog can be opened using the activation button in the message bar of the monitor, as well as using the the monitor menu “Help / License Data and Activation”. The license data can be entered either online or offline using a wizard.

In the offline version, a file that is generated after entering the license key and serial number has to be sent to the authentication server, and the activation key that will be displayed on the web site has to be recorded. This activation key can be entered in the licensing window of the Monitor menu at a later point in time.

In the online version, an assistant forwards the licensing data to the web server immediately after entry and in this way the software is released immediately.

The test version is valid for 30 days. Without software activation or licensing it will no longer be possible to setup a connection after this 30-day period expires.

After installation, each time the software is started the validity period will be shown in the popup window. Moreover in a footer of the Monitor the system will display how long the test version can still be used, and when 10-days validity remain, a message box will be displayed to remind you that the software has not yet been licensed. This message box will appear once a day.

When the trial period has expired, only those connections can be setup with the VPN Client software that are used for software activation/licensing. Thus one of the profiles of the Client can be used to set-up an Internet connection for licensing purposes.

When the test phase has expired the software must be either activated or de-installed. To activate, select the menu option “License data and activation” in the monitor menu “Help”.

Here you can see which software version you have and how the software is licensed, i.e. you can see that the test version has expired and that the software has not yet been activated/licensed.

Click on the license conditions to display the license agreement text. By activating/ licensing the software you accept the license conditions. Click on the “Activation” button to license the software.

In the window that appears, select whether you wish to activate the client online or offline by selecting “Online Activation” or “Offline Activation”.

In the offline version, a file that is generated after entering the license key and serial number has to be sent to the activation server, and the activation key that is then displayed on the web site has to be noted. In the online version, an assistant forwards the licensing data to the activation server immediately after entry and in this way the software is released immediately.

After selecting the type of activation the license data is to be entered in the appropriate fields. Click on “Next”.

The offline version is executed in two steps. In the first step a file is generated after entering the license key and serial number, and is sent to the activation server. An activation key will be shown on the web site, and you have to write down this number in order to enter the license key in the licensing window of the Monitor menu in a second step. (This can also be executed at a later point in time.)

The offline version is initiated via the monitor menu “Help / License Data and Activation”, and this version can be selected in the first window of the activation wizard. Click on “Next”. In the second window of the activation wizard the two steps of the offline activation process are explained. The first step, creation of the activation file is selected automatically. Click on “Next” to continue. In the following window enter the license data and click on “Next”.

Enter name and path for the activation file. As default the installation directory of the software and the name ActiData.txt (with serial number) are used.

Now the activation file is created and this file has to be transferred to the activation server.

There are two ways to transfer the activation file to the activation server. Either copy the content of the activation file with Copy & Paste, after you have opened the activation file with an editor, into the window that is open on the web site, or click on the “Browse” button and select the activation file. Click on “Send”.

Then the activation code is generated and displayed on the web site. Write down the activation code and continue the activation process under the menu option “Help” / License data and activation", by executing the second step of the activation in the offline version.

If the activation server detects that you are entitled to a newer software license and that the license key agrees with the installed software, then with the online activation the new license key will be displayed automatically. If you want to activate the new features then write down the new license key, conclude the activation process, and then use the new license key.

The second step of the offline version is triggered via the monitor menu “Help” “License data and activation”. After the offline version has been selected, select the second step.

An activation wizard opens where you can enter the activation code. After you have entered the activation code click on “Next”.

If you have received a new license key from the activation server during the offline activation process, then enter this license key for a license update, by clicking on the “Licensing” button.

Click on “Next”. The license data will be checked and entered.

After completing the activation you will see in the window with the license data that the number of the software version and the number of the licensed version now agree.

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