Rotor blade

Rotor blade

Continuous condition monitoring

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When dealing with increasingly large rotor diameters, condition monitoring on the rotor blade is a sensitive task. By using the right type of monitoring, system efficiency is increased and important safety functions are implemented to prevent damage to the wind turbine generator.

Your advantages

  • Maximum availability of wind turbine generators with robust components, even under extreme conditions
  • Easy integration into existing systems, thanks to open interfaces
  • Predictable maintenance work and adjustment of the parameterization by remote access

Rotor blade monitoring with blade intelligence

New technologies and wireless sensors enable long-term and efficient maintenance management, while also allowing for efficient retrofitting of older turbines.

Thanks to the combination of ice detection, lightning monitoring, and load monitoring, our blade monitoring solution lets you keep an eye on the condition of your rotor blades and thus respond to events at an early stage. Our solution is available in different variants and can also be reliably integrated into existing systems at a later time.

Topology, blade intelligence  

Condition monitoring thanks to innovative measuring technology


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