Efficient lock operation

Implement safe round-the-clock operation with signal lights and automation technology from Phoenix Contact.

Locks are indispensable when it comes to overcoming level differences on waterways. In the event of the failure of a lock system on a busy waterway, losses to the industry run into the millions.

Along with the failsafe operation of locks, increasingly stringent safety requirements call for reliable signaling that can be diagnosed in the lock system. Signal lights and automation technology from Phoenix Contact ensure safe round-the-clock operation and therefore reduce running costs.

Your advantages

  • Reliable startup and easy maintenance, thanks to pre-installed software functions
  • Long device service life, thanks to robust design and innovative technology
  • Fast diagnostics and long-term data security by connecting to the network with standard protocols

Reliable signaling

Signaling system  

LED signal lights for locks

For locks, the availability of the signaling systems takes top priority.

The LED signal lights take this requirement into consideration, thanks to consistently implemented diagnostic properties and a communication connection that is suitable for industrial use. The particularly robust salt-water-resistant housing and the heavy-duty connection technology are designed for use in challenging environments.

Lock automation

Safe control and I/O systems  

Safe control of lock units

All units of the lock complex, such as gates and chambers, are controlled from the control station.

With the wide range of control and I/O systems, you can automate safety-related functions according to the required SIL category or performance level. Combined with redundantly designed PROFINET communication, the intelligent emergency stop system ensures safe control of the lock subsystems.

Controlling water levels

Intake pumping station  

Safe control of water inflow and outflow

Modular control technology from Phoenix Contact can be used to control water inflow and outflow for the lock chamber according to requirements and to reliably record the level.

Pumps, valves, and slide gates are controlled and monitored via preprogrammed function blocks. Integration in existing systems can be carried out easily.

Automated lock signaling

With LED signal lights and control technology from Phoenix Contact, you can design reliable and energy-efficient signaling systems for maritime use.

As an integral part of the overall solution, the signal lights make status information and alarm messages available across the entire network. They support common industrial communication interfaces. Thanks to the bus connection, they can be seamlessly integrated into your network.

Topology: automated lock signaling  

Energy-efficient signaling systems for locks


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