Leak monitoring

Leak monitoring

Continuous monitoring

You can reliably connect remote measuring stations with solutions from Phoenix Contact.

Pipeline leaks can have serious consequences. Common causes are not just wear, but also unauthorized access to the fuel being transported through the pipeline. Therefore, monitoring these system parts, which often stretch over very large distances, is important.

To be able to detect leaks, the pressure, temperature and flow must be determined along the entire pipeline. Our wireless system ensures reliable transmission when the distances between the measuring station and control center are short. Our mobile network transmission system with security router is ideal for greater distances. The router establishes a secure VPN connection via the Internet.

Phoenix Contact provides an installation-ready control cabinet solutions that performs all necessary leak monitoring tasks.

Your advantages

  • Connection of remote system parts, thanks to reliable monitoring via Internet
  • Preprocessing the measured data in the controller on site enables the precise detection of peak values and reduces the data flow
  • Unified controller times, thanks to time synchronization via the NTP server service of the mGuard security router

Easy implementation with standard components

Internet-based data transmission for leak monitoring

Several stations spread out along the pipeline record measured values and transmit them online to the control station server via a VPN tunnel. The station controller times are synchronized, and the station controllers can also perform signal preprocessing tasks. The signal lines are routed into the Ex area via separating barriers.

Control box for measurement data acquisition  

Phoenix Contact provides you with a fully pre-assembled control box for measurement data acquisition


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