Vitters: luxurious and safe with PROFINET

Automated sailing

Vitters yacht  

En route with PROFINET and automated sailing


Vitters Shipyard builds luxurious sailing ships, such as the 52 meter long single-masted sailing boat Boreas. Working together with eL-Tec, Phoenix Contact has developed a PROFINET-based automation system for this yacht.


This solution comprises hardware and software components. In addition to monitoring and alarm functions, this system also executes tasks such as light control and hydraulic sail control, thereby always ensuring optimum energy efficiency.
To guarantee maximum availability, the system is constructed in a redundant manner. The amount of cables required is reduced by the PROFINET network, helping to lower costs.


In this way, the overall system ensures future-oriented and economical operation of the ship.


21 Bell Road South
Lower Hutt, Wellington

Phone (+64) 4 912 2892
Fax (+64) 4 566 9219
Toll Free (Local)
0508 474 636

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