Configuration assistant for I/O stations - Project+

Get started straight away

Get started straight away

With no training required: plan the configuration of your ideal I/O station. We have the software and appropriate products for you.

Do you want to create an I/O station to link the sensors and actuators of your automation task? Project+ automatically determines the optimum device selection, assembles the devices according to the technical configuration rules, and adds any necessary infrastructure components and accessories.

Automated creation of an I/O station

With no training required, create the right I/O stations for your application – Project+ from Phoenix Contact scores on many levels:

  • You can create custom I/O stations that are technically correct according to the requirements of your automation task.
  • Visualization: Project+ provides a full graphical representation of the structure plan.
  • Cost planning with structured product parts lists: as product-specific sales item as well as in machine or system view
  • The configuration created can be forwarded, e.g., to CLIP PROJECT, PC Worx, Excel or Word, using comprehensive export functions.
  • Project+ is available in seven languages. For each of these languages there is a separate installation file.


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