RFID system for device and system marking

RFID system for device and system marking

Flexible information management

Store and read information on marking material with the integrated RFID transponder.

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    RFMARK readers

    RFMARK readers for contact-free reading and writing of information on RFID transponders with HF and UHF technology.

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Print marking labels with integrated RFID technology using the BLUEMARK CLED. You can read and write information on the RFID transponder on a contact-free basis using a reader and writer.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive marking material with integrated RFID transponder
  • Easy operation via touchscreen
  • Read and write marking material without any contact via RFID transponder
  • Select between a short or long transmission range, thanks to high-frequency or ultra-high-frequency technology
  • Receive, transmit, and scan data on a contact-free basis and without visual contact thanks to RFID readers

Radio-frequency identification

Radio-frequency identification logo, RFID  

Radio-frequency identification, RFID

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is used for contact-free identification, data exchange, and localization of transponders/tags without visual contact. With the aid of an RFID handheld device, which acts as a transmitter and receiver, data is transmitted to and received from a transponder/tag by electromagnetic waves (UHF) or a magnetic field (HF).


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