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Create an I/O station with Project+

Planning a project with systemic products often requires extensive knowledge. Specific configuration rules must be learned and then applied to the tasks of each individual application. Project+ provides support when creating an I/O station as part of the automation of a system, machine or property. With no training required, create the right I/O stations for your application.

Plan optimum I/O stations without any training

Project+: Transfer planning data directly  

Transfer planning data directly – without any specific product knowledge

Do you want to incorporate sensors and actuators into your application? Using Project+, you can enter the required I/O signals directly as functional requirements for every station – for a terminal box, for example.

You can just as easily specify via which network or fieldbus system the station is to be connected. Finally, specify whether there is to be a control function.

Based on the planning information, Project+ automatically determines the optimum products for your application in terms of function and cost.

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Custom creation of I/O stations that are technically correct

Software Project+: Devices  

Creation of an I/O station taking specific factors into account

You can also create an I/O station manually at any time. Similarly, you can rework a device configuration created using Project+.

Project+ from Phoenix Contact monitors the technical configuration rules. If required, the tool automatically adds any necessary systemic structure components – supply terminals, adapters or system cables, for example.

Project+ therefore ensures that the I/O station that is created is correct and functional from a technical point of view.

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Graphical representation of the configured I/O station

Project+: Project and structure  

Graphical structure plan of the configured I/O station

Would you like a realistic impression of the configured station? No problem. Project+ provides a full graphical representation of the structure plan.

In the case of the Fieldline product range from Phoenix Contact, the system cables automatically selected by Project+ are also illustrated. You can now adjust their length to your application directly via the graphical representation.

In addition, you can also use the graphical structure plan via the Windows clipboard – to document the I/O station in various tools.

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Supplement your automation equipment

Project+: Project and accessories  

Accessories from Phoenix Contact

Do you want to fully equip your automation application? Select additional products from Phoenix Contact directly in Project+.

What do you require? Do you need components for connection technology or interface modules, network technology or a power supply unit for the power supply?

You can add all of these products to configured stations as accessories. Important: components can be freely combined here as no technical configuration rules are observed.

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Cost planning with structured product parts lists

Structured representation of a product parts list with price information  

Structured representation of a product parts list with price information

Project+ provides support for the systematic preparation of your planning results through the structured shopping cart function.

The planning results are displayed in the structured shopping cart in two ways:

  • List of configured components for the automation application as a single product-specific sales item
  • List in machine or system view

If you have used the function to import a price list, Project+ from Phoenix Contact provides you with all the prices for the configured product parts lists – displayed in a structured way.

Do you require a price list? Request one from your nearest sales office.

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Forward the project using export functions

Importing an I/O station in CLIP PROJECT  

Importing an I/O station in CLIP PROJECT

The configuration created with Project+ can be forwarded using comprehensive export functions.

Design the configured station configurations directly in Project+ as a graphical structure plan. Using the Windows clipboard, you can use the structure plan in other tools. In addition, you can prepare configurations for import in CLIP PROJECT or PC Worx using specific export functions.

Generate a project report with the following information using Project+ from Phoenix Contact:

  • Product parts list with specific descriptions of the selected components – the corresponding price information is added if a price list is loaded
  • Graphical structure plan for the configured I/O stations
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Project+ speaks your language

Project+ is available in seven languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian.

For each of these languages there is a separate installation which is available in two versions:

  • Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 (64-bit)

All the language variants and operating system versions can be found on the product DVD. Or download the corresponding Project+ installation file directly and free of charge – simply click on the download link.

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