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Modular copper repeaters

Modular copper repeaters for increased system power

Copper/FO transmission overview  

Copper repeaters combined with Optical Link Modules (OLM), designed as PROFIBUS hub

With the PSI-REP copper repeaters, you can widely extend your network regardless of the data rate. Even the number of devices can be extended in this way, by segmenting with repeaters.

The high-quality 4-way isolation ensures a particularly high level of immunity to interference.

Even here, the modular concept of the PSI-MOS devices ensures the desired mix of copper and fiber optic channels. Depending on requirements, bandwidths can be increased, EMI can be transmitted safely, channels can be extended and distributed.


Your advantages at a glance

  • The start delimiter detection filters damaged PROFIBUS telegrams
  • Through the bit retiming, the devices can be cascaded as deeply as necessary
  • The high-grade electrical isolation ensures immunity to interference suitable for industrial applications

Modular structure

Connection via the DIN rail connector  

Connection via the DIN rail connector

The devices can be quickly and easily connected to each other via the DIN rail connector. As such, this is how the cross-wiring for data signals and supply voltage is provided. Installing the devices is quick and connection errors are eliminated.

In this way, up to ten devices can be combined to suit the application. This modular PROFIBUS hub can be designed with up to 30 channels, either in copper or fiber optics.

Modular means flexible: even during operation, you can replace individual modules without affecting the others. The optional system power supply fits into the system seamlessly and can also be used redundantly.


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