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Extenders and repeaters

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You can use Phoenix Contact extenders to increase the range of your network beyond the respective fieldbus standard. Repeaters enable segmentation, which extends the range and the number of devices. You can use the extenders and repeaters to extend your fieldbus network and increase performance.

Your advantages

  • Increase in performance due to a range increase and segmentation
  • Use any two-wire lines to increase the range with the extenders
  • Network extension due to signal processing with the repeaters

PROFIBUS extender for copper-based transmission up to 20 km

PROFIBUS extender with logo  

PROFIBUS extender

You can reach remote PROFIBUS devices via old copper cables with a PROFIBUS extender. This enables data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps at distances of up to 1.5 km without a special cable.

Two DSL ports per device permit the straightforward setup of redundant point-to-point or linear structures.

In addition, mixed operation using copper conductors and fiber optics is also possible using a DIN rail connector.

Last but not least, power is supplied via USB cable, which enables device configuration without an external 24 V power supply.

Serial extender – extend RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 networks

SHDSL modem applications  

Serial extender

The industrial serial extender enables a range increase beyond the serial standard for serial RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces. This does not require a special cable. Any 2-wire cable can be used.

This means that point-to-point, line and star structures can be implemented for 2- and 4-wire cables.

This means that networks can be implemented cost-effectively using the available in-house cables. Decommissioned phone cables and fieldbus cables that are no longer used are ideal for this purpose.

Fieldbus repeater - extension through segmentation

Fieldbus repeater  

Fieldbus repeater

Using Phoenix Contact repeaters, you can extend your network over a wide area regardless of the data rate. Even the number of devices can be extended by segmenting with repeaters. You can increase the range, transmit without EMC, and extend and distribute channels as required. The modular concept supports any combination of copper and fiber optic channels.

  • Thanks to integrated bit retiming with signal processing, the repeaters can be cascaded to any required depth
  • The integrated bit oversampling ensures interference-immune telegrams
  • Start delimiter detection detects damaged PROFIBUS telegrams without causing any impacts and filters them out of the network

Active termination for PROFIBUS and RS-485 networks


Active termination with PSI-TERMINATOR-PB-TBUS

Actively terminate PROFIBUS and RS-485 networks with ease using the PSI-TERMINATOR-PB-TBUS.

This provides important advantages for you:

  • Interference-immune bus communication through permanent, active termination. Bus subscribers can therefore be connected and disconnected while in use
  • Fixed programming interface on the network
  • Redundant power supply
  • Supply voltage routed through a DIN rail connector for use in combination with other devices

You use the D-SUB connection to supply active programming and diagnostics devices with power. You can also use the device as a defined service interface within a bus system.


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