Ethernet switches

Ethernet switches

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Find the switch that suits you, whether an Unmanaged or Managed switch, DIN rail switch, or field device.

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  • Unmanaged Switches
    Flexible and reliable

    Versatile and robust Unmanaged Switches with variable numbers of ports and space-saving housing.

  • Intelligent switches
    Intelligent switches

    Networks can be quickly and easily established and monitored using intelligent switches.

  • Managed Switches
    Managed Switches

    Whether you are looking for IT switches, PROFINET switches, EtherNet/IP™ switches or PoE switches, you will find the right product in our comprehensive portfolio of Managed Switches.

  • Routers and Layer 3 switches
    Routers and Layer 3 switches

    Industrial Ethernet Switches for integrating machines and subnetworks into the company network

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Ethernet switches are the communication hubs of your industrial network. They provide reliable, efficient data exchange and can ensure the robustness of your network. Find the right switches for your application here.

Your advantages

  • The right switch for every application: Unmanaged Switches, intelligent switches, Managed Switches, and Layer 3 switches
  • Support for various IT standards and automation protocols such as PROFINET und EtherNet/IP™
  • Gigabit switches for large networks with high data throughput
  • Power over Ethernet switches for use of cameras and other PoE terminal devices

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches for DIN rails  

Phoenix Contact offers a large selection of Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches from Phoenix Contact excel with standard functions, a variable number of ports, and various designs. Besides switches for DIN rails, we also offer switches with a 19“ design and switches for field installation (IP67). The Fast Ethernet and gigabit switches with a high level of noise immunity, robust metal housing, and wide temperature range are completely suitable for continuous operation in industry. Special versions for Power over Ethernet make installation of your terminal devices especially easy. Select the right Unmanaged Switch for your application.

Intelligent switches

2000 series intelligent switches as 8-port switches and 16-port switches  

Intelligent switches are easy to use and stabilize your network

Our intelligent switches combine the simplicity of an Unmanaged Switch with the intelligence of a Managed Switch. If you use the Ethernet switch in unmanaged mode, it behaves like an Unmanaged Switch. In other words, it does not use an IP address and does not need to be configured. Nonetheless, it offers additional functions for ensuring network robustness such as redundancy mechanisms and filter functions. In managed mode, the various options for quick and easy switch configuration simplify startup and offer you many diagnostics functions for your network.

Managed Switches

Two Managed Switches from Phoenix Contact  

Managed Switches with different functional scopes and various designs

Phoenix Contact offers a large range of various Managed Switches. These offer you optimal real-time properties, prioritization of your data traffic, various network diagnostics options, and redundancy mechanisms. The robust DIN rail switches are tailored to specific requirements of industrial environments and the automation protocols used there such as PROFINET und EtherNet/IP™. Gigabit switches support large data volumes. They are also available as PoE switches. Choose from 5 to 24 ports, copper or fiber optic connections (SC, ST/BFOC, SFP), and various approvals.

Layer 3 switches

The modular Layer 3 switch from Phoenix Contact  

The modular Layer 3 switch is ideal for integration into the higher-level company network

Industrial Layer 3 switches from Phoenix Contact make it easy for you to segment your network into multiple subnets. Use our switches to integrate your machines, systems, and subnets into the higher-level network easily, increasing your network stability and security. Thanks to switches with NAT functionality, you can also integrate systems with identical IP address ranges into higher-level networks.


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