Three managed PoE switches

Managed PoE switches

The 4000 series managed PoE switches enable you to connect up to 16 network devices. Both data and energy can be supplied to up to eight end devices via the Ethernet cable. Comprehensive configuration options and special PoE functions make the switches a powerful and flexible solution for your network.

Surveillance camera

The 4000 series PoE switches are suitable for use with PoE-driven high-power devices such as PoE++ cameras

Power up to 60 W per port

The managed PoE switches of the 4000 series supply the end devices with up to 60 W per port. They are also suitable for use in applications with end devices that comply with the standard ​IEEE 802.3bt (​PoE​++), such as high power cameras.

Additional functions include Gigabit SFP uplink ports with jumbo frame functionality for ensuring data integrity. This safeguards data transmission in all applications.

Man configuring PoE functions on laptop in front of a control cabinet

You can configure various PoE functions with the 4000 series PoE switches

PoE configuration options

The 4000 series ​managed PoE switches​ enable users to make their own defined PoE settings. The PoE function can be activated or deactivated for each port separately, for example. In addition, a PoE prioritization feature is available and you can set maximum power budgets. This ensures that in the event of any problems with the power supply of the switch, your most important devices continue to be supplied with PoE.

PoE watchdog function

With the PoE watchdog function, you can monitor your PoE end devices to ensure that they are functioning correctly. Here, the switch sends a ping to the powered device (PD) at regular intervals. After a configurable number of unanswered pings, a power cycle is performed. The PD is restarted. With this approach, end devices that stop functioning due to a malfunction during operation can be returned to the correct state, without the intervention of a service technician. As an alternative, the PoE switch can also shut the PD down completely.

PoE scheduler function

With the PoE scheduler, you can plan the days and times during which the switch makes Power over Ethernet available to your end devices. This is useful when end devices are only needed at certain times of the day. You thus reduce the consumption of electricity and the data load on your network during the remaining periods.

Overview of 4000 series managed PoE switches


Transmission speed 10/100/1000 Mbps
Alarm contact Yes
Temperature range -40°C ... +75°C
Type of protection IP30
Supply voltage 52 V DC …55 V DC, redundant
Power over Ethernet
PoE standards IEEE 802.3at/af/bt (PoE, PoE+, PoE++)
Power over Ethernet power budget 60 W per port | 180 W/240 W per switch
PoE functions PoE configuration, PoE scheduling, PoE watchdog
Filter functions
Quality of Service Yes
Multicast/IGMP snooping Yes
Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) Yes
MRP manager/client No / No
Fast Ring Detection (FRD) No
Large Tree Support No
Extended ring redundancy 15 ms Yes
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Overview of other features


Management functions
Port configuration, statistics, and utilization Yes
Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Yes
Address Conflict Detection (ACD) No
DHCP server No
Command Line Interface (CLI) No
Automation protocols
PROFINET conformance class A
PROFINET device No
EtherNet/IP™, extended multicast filtering No
Approvals CE, UL
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