Intelligent switches

Intelligent switches

Intelligent yet easy to operate

Intelligent switches are just as easy to use as ​Unmanaged Switches​ while having all the advantages of a ​Managed Switch.

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Intelligent ​Switches​ bridge the gap between simple ​Unmanaged ​​Switches​ and configurable, diagnostics-capable Managed Switches​. They offer clear configuration and monitoring options requiring little to no configuration effort.

Your advantages

  • Machine network hardening without the time and expense of configuration thanks to operation in Unmanaged Mode
  • Flexible configuration options via Smart modes, configuration memory, SNMP or Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Diagnostic functions for fast localization and rectification of network errors
  • Multicast filters protect the machine network from unnecessary data traffic (IGMP snooping/querier)

Intelligent switches for robust and diagnostics-capable machine networks

FL Switch 2005 and FL SWITCH 2008 on DIN rail  

Intelligent switches improve machine network reliability and minimize downtimes

These days, ​Unmanaged Switches​ are often used in machine networks. However, these switches do not offer any options for automatic fault detection and rectification. ​The 2000 and 2100 series intelligent switches from ​Phoenix Contact​ enable requirements-based configuration and monitoring options for machine networks. At the same time, operation is made easier. The cost-effective switches​ reduce the data load in the network using multicast filtering. Redundancy mechanisms enable stable communication, even if loops are formed accidentally or if devices fail. These functions are already available in Unmanaged Mode. Therefore, configuration is not necessary.
Further functions can easily be configured using an ​SD card or the smart mode button directly on the device.


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