Système radio Radioline

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Mettez en service rapidement et facilement un système radio complet - sans aucune programmation.

Radioline is the new wireless system for large systems. Special features include extremely easy assignment of inputs and outputs by simply turning the thumbwheel – without any programming. Thanks to Trusted Wireless technology, Radioline is the ideal choice for reliable use in industrial environments.

Your advantages

  • Easy startup of wireless systems – by simply turning the thumbwheel, without any programming
  • Flexible network construction – Radioline supports both point-to-point connections and complex mesh networks
  • Reliable in industrial environments – thanks to the latest Trusted Wireless technology
  • Range of up to several kilometers – thanks to adjustable data rates
  • Versatile use – Radioline transmits I/O signals as well as serial data
  • Can be used free of charge worldwide, thanks to the wireless module for the license-free 2.4 GHz frequency band
  • Exceptionally high range of up to 33 km and use is free of charge with the 900 MHz wireless module (America, Australia, and New Zealand only)

I/O mapping

I/O mapping

I/O mapping significantly simplifies the creation of a wireless system in your plant. Assign inputs and outputs quickly by simply turning the thumbwheel. In this way you can distribute and multiply I/O signals freely in your network – without the need for any complex programming.

In addition to I/O mapping, Radioline offers other functions for quick and reliable handling:

  • Can be extended with up to 32 I/O modules per station via DIN rail connector
  • Suitable for various network structures: from a simple point-to-point connection to complex mesh networks

Network serial interfaces

Network serial interfaces

Radioline can be used to network multiple controllers or serial I/O devices via RS-232/RS-485 serial interfaces – easily using wireless technology.

As an alternative to configuration using the thumbwheel, the Radioline modules can also be started up using the user-friendly PSI-CONF software. It enables user-friendly monitoring of all network devices. In addition, all advanced network settings can be made and the serial interface parameters can be adjusted according to your individual application.

Trusted Wireless technology

Trusted Wireless

Reliable wireless transmission thanks to Trusted Wireless technology

Trusted Wireless technology is specifically designed for the reliable transmission of data and signals over long distances.

The new Version 2.0 offers adjustable data rates, encryption, extended diagnostics, and parallel operation of multiple networks.

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