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We offer technology for the electrotechnical tunnel infrastructure that guarantees safety, availability, and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Intelligent LED lighting solutions

    Installation companies, operators, and planners of lighting systems are faced with the challenge of creating consistent lighting solutions for tunnels that meet the applicable specifications.

Safety and availability are decisive factors in tunnel infrastructure – along with economical operation. Various categories of operational and safety systems, such as lighting, ventilation, emergency call, and energy supply systems, have to communicate efficiently with one another.

Continuous operation of the systems in the tunnel is a must. Phoenix Contact products provide you with a high-quality electrotechnical infrastructure from a single source. We have state-of-the-art, future-oriented technology and products.

Your advantages

  • Flexible response to different traffic and daylight situations
  • Easy installation and startup, thanks to Plug and Play
  • Efficient maintenance, thanks to enhanced diagnostic status and operating lifetimes
  • Compensation of losses due to aging and dirt, thanks to Constant Light Output

Flexible cabling

Light with cabling system  

Installation system for fast wiring

The reliable operation of the lighting and emergency control system in tunnels is essential. It must therefore be possible to carry out maintenance work quickly and easily.

The easy-to-use, versatile, and robust QPD installation system with tried-and-tested QUICKON fast connection technology allows you to distribute power over long distances effortlessly. The simple connection principle, in conjunction with the option of pre-assembly, ensures time-efficient installation.

Illuminating efficiently

LED light with surge protection  

Efficient, LED-based tunnel lighting

Intelligent activation electronics are a quick and easy way to implement LED-based lighting solutions in the tunnel.

Data regarding ambient conditions in the tunnel is gathered in order to attain an ideal illumination level for the complete tunnel. Only as much light is generated as is required at any particular time. This cuts energy costs and increases the service life of the LED lights. Integrated surge protection also increases the availability of the lighting system.

Intelligent control

Control systems for tunnels  

Scalable control solution for tunnel lighting

Adaptive, intelligent control systems that meet the requirements of the transportation infrastructure are a must in tunnel equipment.

CIE88-compliant lighting control systems with adaptation to the traffic flow form a powerful, scalable solution. A seamless connection to the tunnel management system is implemented via the predefined communication objects.

Demand-oriented and energy-efficient tunnel lighting control

Tunnel lighting solutions, such as the ATS (Advanced Tunnel Solution), ensure energy-efficient tunnel lighting based on LEDs.

In addition to the key parameter of luminance, parameters such as speed and
traffic density can also be integrated. Combined with QPD, the versatile and robust installation system, ATS as a pre-defined control cabinet solution ensures fast installation and maintenance procedures.

Topology: demand-oriented tunnel lighting control  

Control tunnel lighting to suit the actual traffic situation


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