Open-protocol connection of automation solutions to the control center


Control room  

All relevant information is collected together in the control room

  • In the transportation infrastructure, the most diverse range of devices with an equally diverse range of protocols have to be integrated into the control systems.
  • Phoenix Contact offers systems with interfaces that support a range of popular automation protocols and use different transmission media.
  • Interface converters, protocol converters, and data concentrators are available for the efficient integration of distributed system parts.


Resygate protocol converter  

Protocol converter for the efficient integration of distributed system parts

Most applications in the transportation infrastructure involve large structures that have been continuously modernized and extended over the years.

As a result, suppliers of individual components or systems are often confronted with the demand for specific communication protocols. This is because a key aspect of communication is integration in a control system or control rooms that typically use specific protocols or mechanisms.


TC Mobile I/O X200  

Easy remote maintenance via mobile communication

Products and systems from Phoenix Contact offer an extraordinary range of options for connecting automation solutions to the control room. The control technology provides users with application protocols and mechanisms from the field of classic automation as well as information technology.

Furthermore, all media must be supported when it comes to communication with control rooms and control systems. Phoenix Contact therefore offers components for wired or wireless communication as well as dedicated or public networks. All relevant data is sent from the field application to the control system, and therefore the operator, in real time.

Scalable and customized solutions for your application
From the easy integration of individual field devices to pre-compressing, PC-based gateways, Phoenix Contact offers exactly the right solution. The range and bandwidth available for the communication application in control systems are completely unique. Thanks to intelligent functions and blocks, the data can be stored temporarily, saved locally, sent at certain times or transmitted cyclically, depending on requirements. Decades of experience based on hundreds of customer projects goes into the continuous further development of components and systems.

Topology: connection to the control room  

Complete integration into the control level

Your advantages

  • Solutions for all communication paths, thanks to a wide range of products for dedicated and public networks, wireless, etc.
  • Suitable for the most diverse range of applications and system sizes, thanks to scalable software functions
  • Optimum integration into existing systems, thanks to standardized Ethernet and remote maintenance protocols
  • Cross-industry expertise in remote communication based on countless customer projects of varying magnitudes and applications


DescriptionTypeOrder No.
Program/configuration memory including SQL database connection, remote communication, etc.SD FLASH 2GB APPLIC A2701190
Protocol convertere.g., RESYGATE 30002400129
Control system softwareACRON2400115
Remote control substationsAX ODP SERVER 5FU2700391
DescriptionTypeOrder No.
Program/configuration memory including SQL database connection, remote communication, etc.SD FLASH 2GB APPLIC A
Protocol convertere.g., RESYGATE 3000
Control system softwareACRON
Remote control substationsAX ODP SERVER 5FU


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