System overview

Smart city – system overview

Sensor networks

An intelligent communication infrastructure as the basis for creating a smart city.

System overview of a smart city

Sensor network  

A sensor network transfers data to the cloud

Smart city concepts demand that the city be considered as an integrated, intelligent, and efficient complete system that networks all of the subsystems of the city together.

The relevant urban data is acquired via sensors, and concentrated and standardized via gateways. A higher-level cloud platform processes this data and presents it as a fully digital representation of all utilities and processes. Based on this, the data is used for the holistic control of the city, as well as for visualization to create the basis for the livable, urban space of tomorrow.

The cloud is the focus of the smart city


Proficloud – the IoT platform from Phoenix Contact

The cloud connection is a central element in the smart city communication infrastructure. It enables the evaluation and processing of recorded environmental data, the application-specific interpretation of the data, including the integration of 3rd-party services, and the interaction of data with the automation technology.

Cloud services as added value

The transfer of sensor data to the cloud enables access to 3rd-party tools and comprehensive system, operational, and information services.

System services:

  • Device management
  • Data handling
  • Protocols/APIs

Operational services:

  • Data analysis
  • Data processing
  • Data forwarding

Information services:

  • Data visualization
  • User interface/frontend


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