Remote control with PROFICLOUD

Remote control with PROFICLOUD

Open to the world, succeed securely

Make the right decisions today, and head for the future – join us in the world of Proficloud.

As an open, scalable IoT platform, Proficloud offers you intelligent communication, networked control technology, smart cloud services, and comprehensive data analysis – all with the highest level of security.

Take advantage of the unlimited possibilities of a cloud-based solution for continuous transmission of process data to your control center. With Proficloud, you can network your distributed devices in the field easily and securely via the Internet. This lets you benefit from global status monitoring and controlling of your data.

Your advantages

  • Maximum flexibility and availability, thanks to automation across borders from any location via the Internet
  • Easy engineering because distributed devices appear in the local network
  • Efficient automation thanks to preconfigured and preprogrammed PROFICLOUD products
  • Secure and certified communication, thanks to TLS encryption

Cloud solutions for industry

Cloud-based automation  

Cloud-based automation – fast and secure

Efficient remote control

Thanks to Proficloud and the corresponding components, you can create a secure connection for efficient remote control in a very short time.

Integrate a PROFICLOUD coupler into the local network of your control center. The coupler displays all devices which are located across the world and networked via the cloud as local network devices. The distributed controller connects to the Proficloud via the internet. It now appears as a local device in the network and can be used immediately without further configuration or programming. The I/O components connected to the distributed controller are started up automatically.

Data analysis, using the example of water and wastewater treatment

Remote control technology for distributed wastewater pumping stations  

Remote control technology for distributed wastewater pumping stations

Current operating data such as the fill level, flow rate or power consumption of distributed infrastructure is analyzed in Proficloud and made comparable with other significant parameters. Thus, for example, a wastewater pumping station can be operated efficiently on demand.

Status and operational messages are sent to the control room via an Internet connection. Further information such as weather data can be received via the Proficloud from superordinate equipment to aid optimum operation. In addition, for example, pump operating data on lifecycle or energy management can be combined so that this information can be used efficiently for predictive maintenance.


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