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Digital transformation

Phoenix Contact is helping to make the advantages of intelligent cities available for immediate use.

Phoenix Contact is actively involved in collaborations and research projects on the topic of smart cities. We can therefore show you what a smart city means in practice. It is undeniable that digitalization in urban spaces already offers many advantages.

Digital transformation in small- and medium-sized towns and cities

Logo for Lemgo Digital and the Fraunhofer IOSB-INA  

The city is a living laboratory for digitalization

In addition to megacities and metropolises, small- and medium-sized towns and cities can also benefit from digital solutions.

With this in mind, the Fraunhofer IOSB-INA has been operating Lemgo Digital, the IoT Real Lab, since May 2018 as an open innovation platform for the digital transformation of small- and medium-sized towns and cities. The Fraunhofer team also has the support of the OWL University of Applied Sciences and other partners, as well as the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

The infrastructure is used by companies, IoT startups, communities, and research organizations to implement innovative products and data-based services in the action areas mobility, retail, and environment jointly with “everyday experts”, namely local citizens.

The old Hanseatic city of Lemgo stands as a reference platform for the over 180 medium-sized cities in NRW, which are home to half of all people in this most populous federal state. Many similar communities in NRW and across Germany can therefore benefit from Lemgo Digital when it comes to developing a digital agenda and implementing their digitalization projects.

Digitalization in local public transport

Smartphone and city bus  

One of the first applications enables buses to be tracked dynamically in real time

The first pilot project, networking city buses in local public transport, was launched in 2018. The buses were fitted with sensors to determine their exact position and were equipped with additional displays. The position data is processed in a secure cloud.

Passengers can easily see on their smartphones when they need to set out for the bus stop. Bus drivers no longer need to be in radio contact with their colleagues, as their position can be seen in real time via a tablet. This makes it easier to synchronize departure times.

Mobile dashboards for data access

Dashboard on smartphone  

Mobile dashboard for citizens

Further value-added services are planned. Citizens can access information about their city via a digital dashboard.


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